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Season 2 - Trailer: Forensics Edition
Trailer12th May 2021 • Snow Files • Jamie Snow
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In Season 1, we learned that Jamie Snow was convicted based on the faulty witness identification and jailhouse informants with no corroboration - and although physical evidence was obtained from the crime scene, it has yet to be tested.

Snow Files Season 2 features a deep dive into the forensics in the Jamie Snow case. We will examine police reports, coroner reports, and evidence logs to flesh out what forensic evidence is available for testing. And we'll explore the crime scene from a forensic perspective.

What physical evidence was gathered? How was it secured? What evidence is viable for testing?

Please join us as we work through the body of physical evidence and forensics technologies. You'll be left wondering, as we do, Why not test the DNA?

Snow Files Season 2 debuts on Wednesday, May 12. Visit for updates, to listen and view case documents and photos, and to join our social media sites. Snow Files is a Snowman Network Production.