Podcasts in Color with Berry
Episode 2525th June 2020 • Podcast Me Anything • The Podcast Consultant
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Stepping outside of our box on Podcast Me Anything given everything that is going on in the world today. We believe it is so important to not only recognize the importance of Black Lives Matter, but also advocate and be a true ally for them. In an effort to elevate more voices in the podcasting space, Berry joins me to talk about her site, Podcasts In Color. We talk about how what started as a simple directory has turned into the largest online platform, directory, and community for podcasters of color. Berry candidly speaks about her experience, podcasting lessons she has learned, advice to others who want to get their voice out there, and what changes she’d love to see for the future of podcasts.

Three of Berry’s favorite podcasts for anyone who wants to understand and educate themselves about the BLM movement:




Links to Berry’s website and Social Media:




You can also use the hashtag #podsincolor to widen your listening experience and find some great new shows and experiences.