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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker 31st January 2017
086 Beyond Mental Stigma – Veny
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086 Beyond Mental Stigma – Veny

Street Wisdom To Overcome Mental Health Stigma

Throughout our lives we all want to become part of the group, and stigma can arise from factors as innocent as your brand of sneakers.
- Mike Veny

He Started Thinking About Stigma Early

Mike Veny’s path to becoming a public speaker became evident at an early age. He convinced the staff at psychiatric hospitals to discharge him three times during his childhood. In addition to being hospitalized as a child, he was expelled from 3 schools, attempted suicide, and was medicated in efforts to reduce his emotional instability and behavioral outbursts.

By the fifth grade, Mike was put in a special education class. Aside from getting more individualized attention from the teacher, he learned that pencil erasers make a great drumming sound when tapped on a desk.

He had no idea that real drumming would become his career as well as his path to recovery for his many troubling experiences with mental health stigma. His interesting perspectives help others understand the need for improved conversations about mind health and recovery.

His Current Mission With Stigma

Mike Veny is both a leading mental health speaker and a high energy drum circle facilitator. He delivers educational, engaging, and entertaining presentations to meetings and conferences throughout the world - with an emphasis on translating thought into action.

Mike is fiercely committed to wellness, suicide prevention, and helping people work together more smoothly. With 15 years of experience, his mission is to empower people to connect authentically wherever they work or live, from schools to corporate groupings.

  • Mike’s perspectives have been featured on ABC, NBC, and CBS news.
  • He’s a regular guest on The Fresh Outlook TV news show,
  • a writer for Corporate Wellness Magazine
  • HealthCentral.com
  • Mental Illness is An Asset
  • His compelling TEDx presentation has been used in college classrooms with excellent reviews.


Mike Veny: Here At CBJ/086

  • I take drumming into my mental health presentations [spp-timestamp time="3:32"]
  • I bring people together through a drumming process [spp-timestamp time="4:49"]
  • I do have some "issues" from childhood [spp-timestamp time="9:27"]
  • "You never fail until you stop trying" [spp-timestamp time="16:49"]
  • Stigma arises from labels and a sense of shame [spp-timestamp time="25:26"]
  • We just don't want to be weird [spp-timestamp time="2829"]
  • Once I got comfortable talking about myself my life changed [spp-timestamp time="36:34"]
  • What you can and cannot talk about [spp-timestamp time="38:30"]

His Website


Previous CBJ Interviews - That Address Stigma

In truth, every interviewer here at CBJ addresses the importance of underlying, overlooked factors that lead to stigma and labels. Inadequate diagnosis, those reductionistic labels, create treatment failure and open up the ignorance of blame. These several guests clearly focus on correcting that specific perspective. Get with it, get the details.


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