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115 : John Bullard – Long Term Storage Fees on Amazon – Other options for fulfillment? Counterfeit, Software development and other trends in the eCommerce world.
25th July 2016 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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John Bullard is an ecommerce  megaseller, operates a family run prep company, fulfillment center, manages liquidation/bulk buys, many Facebook groups and now is getting into software. We spend some time catching up and he gives updates on how his business is doing. Understand his business is a good barometer of how the selling world is doing. If he is busy, sellers are busy! We spend time talking about Long Term Storage fees and other options you should consider, we discuss getting suspended because you use a particular prep service and we answer questions from Chris Green’s Scanpower Facebook group.


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Questions we answered:

Q – I dislike people posting gross sales figures without showing net profit. Isn’t it misleading?

Q – Counterfeit issues. What are my responsibilities? How serious of an issue is this?

Q – What tool(s) are missing from the eCommerce marketplace?

One of John’s Warehouses