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True Fire
Episode 36230th June 2020 • Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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True Fire is a weekly podcast series that explores in depth the events that led up to line-of-duty deaths of American firefighters. Each episode is a docudrama — a factual re-telling of the incident with some added dramatic tools, such as sound effects and music. These help to create the picture in the listener’s mind of what was going on at the time. Our goal with True Fire is to memorialize the firefighters lost as they fought to save lives and preserve property. These people have given all in a job which most couldn’t imagine doing. Without them, our world would be a more dangerous place, and while they universally refuse the title “Hero,” their actions often go far beyond the requirements of the job and are, by definition, heroic.



The production is great. I would reword your description as "sound effects and music" is very analytical. "Feel like you were there" is the result. The only thing I found annoying was your intro with the Engine number 6, 6, 8. It sounded like a Bingo game. You've done such a good job of setting up the episode, I'm not sure we need all that. You could start with "this is true fire" and it would work for me. The bottom line is I wanted to hear the rest of the story (I think, I'm not sure stories about people's deaths - even heroic - is something I want to work into my day. I'm not sure how that would make me feel. Firefighters should love this show, and hopefully, remind them to stay safe.

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