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My Bible Study - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 26, 3rd February 2020
Genesis Chapter Six Verses 1-2
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Genesis Chapter Six Verses 1-2

We are continuing our journey through Genesis. So far we have seen this theme of an epic battle emerge. Before sin, man was given the job of subduing the world for God’s glory. However, because of our sin, we try to subdue the world (and each other) for our glory.

We see here two sides: the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. God promised that one person, a deliverer, will come one day to crush the serpent.

Satan, the serpent, does not know who this person is. He must have thought that Cain, the woman’s offspring, was the deliverer and therefore plotted to turn him into a murderer. He succeeded! He corrupted Cain by getting him to murder Abel, thereby eliminating the only two possibilities for the deliver to come!

By the seventh generation, we have immoral, violent, lustful men, like Lamech. However, God preserves the seed of the woman, though Satan tried to kill him, by giving Adam and Eve, Seth. By the seventh generation of Seth, we have Enoch, known for simply walking with God (which we covered last time).

Now in Genesis 6, we will see that Satan will try a new approach. He will invade the human race with his army and destroy God’s original design of marriage. If he can destroy marriage, then there will be now way for the promised seed to be born.

Sin has reached its boiling point, leading God to judge all sin. 

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