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What is Sales DNA?
Episode 113th July 2021 • Business Is People • Kham Inthirath
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Guest: Joe Cundall

1:40 – Practical Example of Behavioral Characteristics Related to Sales

3:09 – How Can Sales Managers Support Different Types of Sales DNA on their Team

3:38 – Common Threads of Successes vs Challenges Identified in 2020 [Prospecting]

6:35 – Going Back to Understanding the Basics of Prospecting

8:32 - Getting into a Sales Mindset

9:58 – A High Performing Salesperson has to be Hungry

12:00 – Example of Sales Prospecting Tactics Evolving

14:06 – What Makes a Sales Athlete

15:58 – Invest in a Snapshot of Sales Org with Tools Like PI

Main Points of Episode

Customer Focused Selling.

1.      Sales DNA

2.      Sales Skills

What is Sales DNA? How to identify it.

What parts of the Sales Process are comfortable for people and where do they need to stretch?

Behavioral Characteristics of a successful Salesperson?

Common threads identified in 2020.

  1. Prospecting

a.      People who are built to develop pipelines, attract prospects, and set new meetings thrived in 2020.

b.      People who were more comfortable waiting for inbound leads, dealing with some clients, and not developing a pipeline struggled in 2020.

How to support people who are uncomfortable prospecting? Make the Pipeline a math problem and make them understand what will happen if they don’t step out of this comfort zone. Thoughtful conversation on [Planning Ahead] can be helpful for these folks.

 It is important to be proactive, find people and get their attention. The biggest part is looking at your activity and seeing what % of that activity resulted in investigative work to see how you can help solve their problems.

Understand [revenue goals]and work backward. This means you have to keep filling the funnel.

Become comfortable with failure and be able to adapt and evolve with changing times, trends, and prospecting techniques.

People CAN become good at selling even if they don’t have the DNA identified with the PI or other tools used. Take the snapshot and get a pulse on your Sales Team DNA for future planning and pivoting.

Memorable Quotes

“Prospecting is definitely a discipline, I feel. There’s motivation, there’s discipline, and their mindset.” _Kham Inthirath

“Sales is about creating enough conversations with people who you can solve problems for.”_Joe Cundall

Resources Mentioned

Predictive Index tools help to identify Sales Team behaviors and comfort levels in the field.

Predictive Index