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Adios Josh - May You Enjoy The Triplets
Episode 11023rd September 2020 • Use Your Words • Use Your Words
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Today we are both sad and happy to announce that our very own Josh is leaving the podcast. We are sad because we do - even though we may tease him - enjoy having him on the show with us. But we are also happy to see him take his first steps in his new career choice as well as start his family. We know (and acknowledge) that this takes a bit of time and with his added responsibilities due to schooling - it is understandable why Josh has decided to step away from the podcast. He steps away with all of us staying friends - and no hard feeling between any of us involved.
That being said Josh always has an open invitation to join us whenever he has free time - and he will be back for certain special episodes as well - one of which will be the end of the year episode to review the New Years predictions we each made last year (and of course with Lt if he is available as well).
After some deliberation - we have decided that we will NOT be replacing Josh at this time - and do not plan on having a specific third person who will be joining us on a regular basis. That being said we are going to have the third seat be filled by special guests some months. There will be a lot of months where it will just be Aaron and myself - but sometimes we will have a third person drop in with us to talk either for just one or two episodes or for the whole month.
So as we say goodbye to Josh - we also say hello to the next chapter of Use Your Words - and to the next adventure as well. We thank you for coming along on this journey with us and hope that you will continue to join us as well move forward with Use Your Words 2.0. Starting with our next episode, we will be switching to Season 2 in the podcast directories. This will be to denote the era with Josh and the era without Josh.