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Episode 219: Come Off Conqueror – Interview Bonnie Randall
Episode 21918th May 2022 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 219: Come Off Conqueror - Interview Bonnie Randall

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. "You can't go back and change the beginning of your story... but you can start where you are today and change your ending" On today’s show we are talking about coming of conqueror. What does that mean? To conquer something is to prevail over it; to overcome and take control of. Often times we are held hostage by events in our pasts that have traumatized us. We are cripple by the abuses of others, by shame, even by our own destructive choices. We are talking about events we have not been able to heal from. Events in our stories that have us stuck, like a knight in a mud bog - forward progress inhibited, wallowing in the dirt and muck we don’t know how to break free from. Tune into the audio program for my interview with Bonnie Randal, creator the YouTube channel Come off Conqueror. Ms. Randall is a champion of the down-trodden. She has a 20-year career in marketing at all levels from Fortune 500 to non-profit and charity work. Her charity work has led to her meeting many trauma survivors, and her own experience with date rape has created understanding bonds with these survivors and has sparked a passion for helping them heal. Her mission is to help victims of abuse, primarily women and children, conquer their trauma and live healthy, fulfilling lives. She believes that God is the key, and so she started a Youtube channel, Come Off Conqueror, where survivors share stories of healing, as well as insights from other therapists, healers, authors and practitioners to help women take back their power, heal, and step into their true identities. "It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite life of Christ's Atonement." - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland In today's interview I talk with Bonnie about:
  1. Her story.
  2. How did you heal? How long did it take?
  3. There are lots of treatment programs out there. What is your philosophy for healing?
  4. I’d love to hear some inspiring stories from the women you’ve worked with. What have you learned from them?
  5. What do we all need to know - most of all - about how to heal?
  6. What exactly do you offer people? Where can people find you to share stories with you?
  Contact information for Bonnie Randall   I don’t know why so many terrible things happen in the world - bad things to good people. But what I do know is that trauma changes us. We know more, we sometimes come to understand things we never wanted to understand. Sometimes it breaks our souls, our minds and our bodies. This is why healing becomes so important. Like our bodies our souls can be healed. It’s not fast, and it needs proper care and time, and help. But healing is hope. Healing is essential to stepping out of the dark, sticky bog in which trauma can throw us. Healing is part of the process of being able to live again. Your challenge this week is to consider what trauma in your past may still have a negative hold on you - one that holds you back because you don’t understand how to get past it. Take this acknowledgement into your meditations and your prayers and ask for the way of healing to open to you. Keep this intention in your heart this week. See what doors open. Please share this episode link with anyone you think it would bless. Have a great week creating your life intentionally. See you in two weeks.