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Body Contouring Academy's Proven Profits Podcast - Body Contouring Academy's Proven Profits Podcast EPISODE 25, 2nd June 2020
The One Physiological Process you must know for Amazing Results and Ecstatic Patients
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The One Physiological Process you must know for Amazing Results and Ecstatic Patients

When you have a non-invasive body contouring practice, no matter what technology you use, you must have a firm grasp on the lymphatic system. That’s because the lymphatic system plays an integral role in every single non-invasive body contouring treatment out there.  

And you will likely not achieve good body contouring results in the absence of healthy lymphatic flow.


So listen up. In today’s episode, we’re going to give you a detailed refresher course in the all-too-often overlooked, yet most significant physiological system (at least in the world of body contouring), ...the lymphatic circulatory system.  

Though the lymphatic system serves two other extremely important functions, fatty acid transport and in ensuring our immune health, the crucial function we’re discussing today is its role in removing fluids, waste and toxins from our bodies.  

So what is the common role the lymphatic system plays in every non-invasive body contouring treatment? The lymphatic system must mobilize and eliminate fats, waste and other debris left behind after the technology has caused its damage or destruction.  

So it doesn’t matter if you are performing Zerona and you must eliminate the lipids that leaked out into the interstitial space from the damaged fat cell membranes or if you are performing SculpSure and you must eliminate the destroyed fat cells and other debris, it’s up to the lymphatic system to drain and eliminate what has been left behind. 

Just a bit ago, we said the lymphatic circulatory system. Did you catch it? That’s right. The lymphatic system is a second circulatory system in our body, the first being our blood circulatory system.  

But unlike blood circulation, which moves actively because of our heart pumping, lymphatic drainage is a passive drainage system. The heart does not move it.

Hippocrates once described our lymphatic system as carrying our “white blood.” That so-called white blood is called lymph and you have to keep the lymph flowing for healthy function.  

Think of the lymphatic vessels as a giant drainage system for the body. And just like the sink getting clogged at your home and not draining, if that lymphatic drainage slows down or gets held up in your body, you are not going to get rid of the fluids and waste properly. When that happens with your patients, they won’t be able to see the reduction because the waste and fluids are still present in the body creating an increase in size. 

So we need good lymphatic function. For healthy lymphatic flow, the lymphatic system needs 

  • Movement by the body
  • Hydration
  • Deep Breathing
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Low Stress Levels

Let’s break these down. 


Our bodies were designed to move.

Lymphatic vessels require body movement for activation


Adequate hydration is necessary to keep lymph flowing freely

We’re talking water, not other beverages

In fact, lymph is comprised of 95% water

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing calms the nervous system

And moves lymph through the chest and liver areas

Proper Nutrition

The more nutrient dense your diet, the less chemicals to process

The lymphatic system is especially vulnerable to foods that stress your 

     digestive system 

Your digestive system is particularly intertwined with your lymphatic system

The largest collection of lymphatic vessels are located in your gut

Low Stress Levels

Biochemical changes caused by stress inhibit lymphatic activity

High levels of stress hormones interfere with the lymphatic function

Even the stress of the treatment can cause a slow down

Unfortunately, many or most of our patient’s lifestyles are especially vulnerable to inefficient lymphatic function.  

That’s because most don’t exercise regularly due to busy lifestyles, many must sit at desks all day long for their jobs, most suffer from some kind of chronic stress (even if it’s limited to traffic on their daily commute), and most don’t meet daily nutritional requirements and really just eat poorly because their hectic schedules mandate eating on the go.

The bottom line. You have a duty to educate your patients about making efforts to make some changes. You have a duty to assist your patients with these simple lifestyle adjustments, those including natural methods, and by offering lymphatic assist treatments and products designed to optimize lymphatic function.  

We have found the most patients believe (and will even tell you) they live healthy lifestyles but when you start quizzing them about the specifics of their lifestyles, you will find this is just not true. They need our help.

That takes us to our Action Step for this episode. What will you do to help your patients improve lymphatic function through natural lifestyle adjustments? How will you educate your patients about the lymphatic system and its role in getting the body they desire? What lymphatic assist treatments will you offer? And what products will you recommend and carry?

That’s it for today’s episode but stay tuned. In future episodes, we will discuss simple systems and methods you can use to educate your patients about the lymphatic system, about treatments you can offer patients to assist their lymphatic functions and about products you can offer that are specifically designed to promote a healthy lymphatic process.   

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Bye for now from Kay and Shannon at the Body Contouring Academy’s Proven Profits Podcast.