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Challenge - Eric Martinez, CEO of Modjoul
24th August 2021 • Engineering Leadership • Doug Haugh
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Eric Martinez is the CEO of Modjoul, a national company that creates wearable technology to keep employees safe.  His interest in workplace safety and productivity led him to start this innovative company. 

Eric is a mechanical engineer, and he chose the topic of Challenge.

3-Bullet Summary

  • Learn the business from the ground up.
  • Always be curious and don’t let the embarrassment of asking a question get in the way.
  • Building close relationships with your peers can be invaluable when seeking a promotion. 


  1. “There is always a time where someone will need you to speak up and say “Hey, this is a problem”.”
  2. “If you settle on a solution too early you may not get to the complete truth. Openness and transparency lead to problem solving and getting to the right answer.”
  3. “Sometimes it’s your peers who get you promoted first. Then, your boss hears those praises from where you've supported them and that propels you into the next position.”