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Keep the Abundance Flowing
24th August 2017 • The Higher Self with Danny Morel • Danny Morel
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As human beings, we tend to hold onto things unnecessarily. Why does this actually hold us back? What is one powerful thing you can do to keep the abundance flowing? On this episode, you’ll learn about one thing I do declutter my life.



Letting go of things you don’t need declutters your brain and what you see.

When you aren’t bogged down by looking at a mess, you have better energy.

When you let go of things, you make room for new things.


Giving to other people forces the abundance to keep flowing because you’re also making room for new things. I challenge you to not hold on, I challenge you to let go. It isn’t a loss, there’s plenty coming your way but you have to change the way you think to allow it to come.