Sneak Peek: UNCLE LEWIS - The Poison Pen
Bonus Episode15th October 2019 • ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY! • Patrick K. Walsh
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Join Maya, Trae and I on another uproarious romp through Friday the 13th: The Series.

A collage of stills from the Poson Pen episode of Friday the 13th the Series featuring actors Robey and John D. LeMay in disguise in monk attire as well as the cursed quill pen of the title.

In THE POISON PEN, Micki and Ryan must go deep undercover at a cloistered monastery to find out who has been using one of Uncle Lewis' diabolical doodads to deal out dastardly death to their fellow brothers.

Bound boobs, gushing gloryholes and Farrah Fawcett await!

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