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Employee Review Process with Bryan Kelley [RR 625]
Episode 62523rd March 2021 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Bryan Kelley, owner of Valley Automotive Electric, Covington, WA, and Chairman of ASA Northwest. Bryan’s previous episodes HERE.

  • Hiring Practices RR 611  Humble
  • Hungry
  • People Smart
  •  Employee reviewsShould be a win for the business and a win for the internal customer (employees)
  • The corporate review process tends to be about the business covering its backside- a reason to fire an employee with justification, and building an employee database
  • Is your supervisor the person that should be doing employee reviews?- If you’re not around your employee more often than not being around them, then how are you able to do a full review? What is the pulse of the culture inside the business?
  • Owners focus on KPI’s, building the business and building employees- but are you building your employees as a person? Are you making them better people?
  • The more employees know and can do, the more they can do for you. 
  • Review process- you must have trust with all employees and management Schedule one on one informal meeting- listen to your employee and ask questions (Bryan goes to Thai restaurant) and give them a goal sheet- 1 year, 5 years, tomorrow both in work and personally
  • Set peer review during 1 hour Friday lunches together- each employee discusses best and worst 3 things about themselves. 
  • The other employees can only respond by asking for clarification- no prejudging negatives or positives. Also rate themselves 1-3 with “Humble, hungry smart”  
  • Often times the team will rate you higher than you rate yourself
  • When everyone has had their individual turn, everyone can start discussing each other
  • If no one talks, Bryan knows there's a problem 
  • Peer review matters more to an individual person- attitudes can affect business culture 
  • Thanks to Bryan Kelley for his contribution to the aftermarket’s premier podcast.
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