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Ayurveda Nutrition | Grounded Here – Fearless Self Love Podcast | Andrea Catherine
24th March 2018 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Ayurveda Nutrition

Im really glad to be here! I’m excited to share with your audience!

My background as an Ayurveda Health Counselor and Yoga Health Coach and Teacher

  • woman who are overwhelmed
  • selfcare
  • How to make healthy habits simple.
  • things that they want
  • things we all want is to feel good in our bodies

One of the biggest things about that is what we put in our bodies!

I love food so much

ways to use our relationship food and enjoy it without feeling restricted and limited

Hopefully you can feel that way too.

I think you’re gonna have to have a ton of value to share!

It’s gonna be short because I messed up and was at a meeting

Fearless Self-Love Podcast

My podcast is called Fearless SelfLove

Andrea Catherine fearless self love

I believe there are 17 episodes I started in November

  • creatives and wellness pros
  • how they show up
  • healers and
  • around about an hour
  • I give a little yoga practice
  • mindfulness practice at the beginning
  • summarize one of the self-care tips my guests at the end so you can take it and practice it at the end in real life.

I have loved it you’ve had some great guests. I always learn something I have even saved some to downloads to listen to over and over. 

  • folks who are in Montana there are some local folks
  • all over the world
  • continue
  • because I love to travel

Let’s talk about spring

Let’s talk about spring from an Auyevedic persepective

East Indian Medicine

  • sister science of yoga
  • life knowledge
  • self knowledge

intuitive awareness we have about how to take care of our selves

a rhythm

better understanding

how do the behaviors we have reflect or not reflect what nature was doing

I think sometimes we forget we are also part of nature as humans

We need to be nourished and take of nature as well and

  • food growing out of the ground
  • taking care of it
  • part of nature
  • part of the creations

Springtime is thought of as Mud Season

I never grew up calling it that in Michigan it fits so well here and it actually fits with the 

Ayurvedic definition is 


Kapha Dosha

the way energy shows up in all things

Kapha is really the combination of

earth and water

when you mix earth and water you get mud

the way it shows up in the season it’s obvious

things growing

water is gonna be nourishing the seeds in the ground soon we’re gonna have

mustard greens

season of

  • congestion
  • excess fluid in the lungs
  • maybe gonna get spring cold
  • can feel a bit stuck in their bodies

good time to grab a partner and join something to do something new


That kapha energy can feel like mud in our bodies

But the cool thing is it provides us a lot of endurance

We might be resistance to change

we have a capacity for it right now

in springtime

Ayurveda Nutrition

foods that are available to balance that 

heavy weighty earthy tendencies that maybe leave us more lethargic

  • mentally
  • stuck
  • cloudy
  • depressed


mustard greens


  • bitter
  • instringent
  • drying

evaporating and work against heaviness in our bodies

cleanse and detox


I had no idea there was that much to all of this.



Arugula Growing March 4th – Planted February 26th, 2018


March 15th, 2018 Arugua ready to eat!

I have sprouts growing already, we just planted and I have tiny leaves that are ready to put on your sandwich or in your soup they didn’t take much to grow at all?! Let’s talk about mustard greens….

I wanna do a tangent here

in Michigan maybe out here in Montana too.

There is this an evasive called garlic mustard.

Do you know about garlic mustard?


people are grabbing it and uprooting it

somebody thought it was good

tastes like garlic and mustard

mustard greens you buy in the store have that similar puncency.



Do you know what happens and you bite into arugula?

Is there a sparky ness and does your mouth sort of pucker?

I find the baby arugula is not as bitter as when they grow more?

So it’s a little more palatable?


But that bitter taste can kind of it kind of wakes us up

Like you said, it makes you feel alive

Kapha Dosha earth and water there’s no fire in that combo

We need something to be a little sharper in that combo

and mustard greens do that, we need that sharp flavor

I’ve been putting them in my smoothie in the morning

People put

  • ginger in their smoothie
  • cayenne pepper
  • has that same kick

gonna be really pungent

You want to be mindful they have such a strong kick you want to use a bit less of them.

If you are gonna use

  • arugula
  • mustard greens

just switching over

arugula is a bitter green as well. If you are not ready to try something like a mustard green might do something like kale or arugula

Or if you are just starting to incorporate greens into your diet is a good idea because 

is gonna start to clean that gunk that has clogged the channels from winter.

Smoothie recipe

part from my friend Angela Christman  up in Canada!

her High Vibe Tribe!

Basically made her smoothie and then added

first morning I added 2 mustard green leaves

could not drink

  • whole or half an avacado
  • apple
  • need a high powered blender
  • juice of one lime
  • peeled ginger
  • cup of coconut water and almost milk blend till smoothie
  • add
  • applesauce instead of an apple if you have an old blender like we used to
  • powdered ginger
  • tumeric
  • honey

It’s just a way to start incorporating some of these flavors that help us to digest appropriately for the season.

I am happier to talk more about that like we talked about before we hit record

easier to add things then subtract things

not ready to give up the heavier things from winter.

stoke up your digestive fire

process your foods more easily

  • eliminate well
  • move well
  • feel alive

Ayurveda Ayur means life  and veda means knowledge

The interesting thing about sanscripts

  • phonetic language
  • use symbols
  • that we don’t have


Andrea Catherine

Hatha Yoga Instructor

Ayurvedic Health Counselor

You have packed more golden seeds in 10 minutes or 15 minutes then I ever expected. Sorry listeners I promise I won’t be late next week!


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