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Tall Can Audio - Tall Can Audio 22nd April 2021
TCA Ep820: Clippy
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TCA Ep820: Clippy

Michaela and Matt return to the microphone today for a couple pints, some sports talk and a few war stories.

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We kick things off today with our beers of the day including a very special one that was sent to Matt for review.

Later on talk turns to the Women’s World Hockey Championships being postponed following a decision by the Nova Scotia Provincial Government and the outrage that it’s caused, Robyn Lehner’s angry comments about the NHL’s vaccination protocols, the over analyzing that’s going on around the Toronto Maple Leafs losing skid, Matt and Michaela’s horror stories about times their favourite teams were eliminated in excruciating fashion and plenty more.

find tons more information about the collaboration beer “Home Ice Advantage” by Old Tomorrow and Hockey Helps The Homeless at oldtomorrow.com and at HockeyHelpsTheHomeless.com

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