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Romans 1
Episode 114th August 2023 • Let Nothing Move You • Matthew Christian Ashley
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The audio issues continue, but take heart, because the next recording after this will be done with a new microphone!

Who is Paul and what qualifies him to be an apostle and leader of the church? Why do some people not like him? Was the Book of Romans written just for the church in Rome or the whole church? Why should we not be ashamed of the gospel? Has humanity earned God's wrath? What is foolish about worshiping the creation rather than the Creator? How have we modified idol worship in the present day? Does God really look at homosexuality and other practices within the LGBTQIA+ community as being worse sins than others? Why would Paul use that as an illustration? Is there a single person who is free from sin? How do we delude ourselves into thinking we're not that bad?




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