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The Content Academy Podcast: Content Creation for Online Business | Creating Raving Fans |Selling High Value Paid Content | - Paul Caffrey & Phil McGrath 17th March 2016
Episode 013: Why Video is so important to your Content Marketing With Mimika Cooney
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Episode 013: Why Video is so important to your Content Marketing With Mimika Cooney

Mimika Cooney Promo PictureOn today’s show we have Mimika Cooney from MimikaCooney.com. Mimika is a TV Host, Interviewer, published Author, Videographer, Award Winning Photographer, Public Speaker and Online Marketing Strategist.

Mimika’s passion it teaching entrepreneurs and experts how to harness the power of video marketing through her signature online courses and thankfully we were about to grab 3o minutes of her time to talk about all things video and social media, specifically Balb and Periscope.

In this episode you will learn


    • Why video is so important when it comes to building and connecting with clients


    • How to decide which social platforms are for you


    • The important differences between Blab and Periscope


    • How you can use Periscope to validate ideas




“There are so many platforms you can choose from, but if you know what you want to achieve first, then you can really choose the platforms that work for you”


“When you put your face and your name in front of camera people can see you and connect with you in a far deeper level”


“Video is the best thing, other than meeting someone in person”


“People have 80% more engagement on a landing page when there is a video”


“Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction”


“Keep it real, keep it valuable and people will come”





Mimika’s Website – MimikaCooney.com


Mimika’s Video Website – ConfidentVideo.com


Mimika’s Persicope Quick Start Guide 


Mimika’s Blab Interview Set Up Guide 


Katch – Software used to record your periscope sessions






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