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Creating Responsible Companies Podcast - Destination Better EPISODE 5, 4th November 2019
999: Sample Episode with Destination Better
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999: Sample Episode with Destination Better

Why Corporate Social Responsibility is critical today? In this episode, Janet and Barbra talk about 5 intriguing headlines and 15 questions that will change the way you look at your company. Listen and learn more!

Topics Covered

5 top headlines that show CSR’s critical role in business today

-Fast Company: Most millennials would take a pay cut to work at an environmentally responsible company

Nearly 40% of millennials have chosen a job because of a company’s sustainability

Millennials are investing in and working for companies that have embraced visible sustainable practices

How the baby boomers are running the corporate leadership

-Sustainable Brands "Gen Z Believes in Its Own Power to Make Change, But That Companies Must Lead the Way"

How Gen Zs believe companies must drive action on social and environmental issues

-Harvard Business Review – ESG Comes of Age- The investor revolution: The impression among business leaders is that ESG just hasn’t gone mainstream in the investment community. That perception is outdated.” 

How the number of women on their boards of directors has been proven to impact diversity of thought, problem-solving and key corporate strategies.

-New York Times: Companies see climate change hitting their bottom line in the next five years 

Climate change affects how companies, farmers, etc. get their goods and services to the people who buy them

-The Wall Street Journal: Move over shareholders: Top CEO’s say companies have obligations to society

Who is the Business Roundtable

Why major employers are investing in their workers and communities


You may find the articles discussed in the episode below:




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