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#102: Put Your Money Where Your Future Is
Episode 1021st March 2021 • Important, Not Important • Important, Not Important
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In Episode 102, Quinn & Brian discuss: How to invest in defeating climate change.

Our guest is: Boris Khentov, SVP of Operations & Legal Counsel at Betterment. If you’ve been reading or listening to our newsletter, you’ve already heard of Betterment, a financial advisory company and investment platform that recently introduced their Climate Impact portfolio — and if you haven’t heard of Betterment yet, start listening to the bonus audio newsletter episodes we release every Friday!

This is a really thoughtful conversation on what it means to participate in the climate fight in every area of your life, where investments are trending and where “greenwashing” is becoming an issue, and how you can position yourself for both relative safety and financial success.

Plus, Boris shares a story about protesting with a past guest and personal hero of ours — Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson — and that’s pretty cool too.

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