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12 – Learning Form from the Ground Up with Nimit and Sid
Episode 1225th August 2017 • The Bhangra Podcast • Umer Qureshi
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Hey y'all! On this episode Nimit Desai from Buckeye Bhangra and Sid Pandit from First Class Bhangra talk about how the developed their teams’ form. Our discussion focuses on:

-How they developed their own form

-Choosing styles to learn from such as American vs Indian teams

-How they went about teaching the form

Featured Mix - Rolex x Wang #DesiRolexChallenge by First Class Beats-

[2:19] Nimit talks about where the he started when it came to form

[7:15] Sid talks about where the he started when it came to form

[13:55] Learning from India teams or American teams

[14:33] Should a new team teaching their dancers focus on dancing wide or dancing the exactly the same

[21:57] What’s the first thing to address when first starting to teach form

[26:11] What’s something you repeat over and over and over again when it comes to teaching your dancers

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