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Next Best Improvement: Lean [THA 266]
Episode 26610th March 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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How do you calculate the common phrase “work smarter, not harder?” This episode is all about getting lean in your shop. Are you tracking the steps it takes to do something simple like an oil change? Are your parts and supplies not only organized but purposefully placed in areas for efficiency? My panel discusses simple ways to get started with Lean Six Sigma. 1 simple change can save you time and money.

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Kristi Hudson, Troy Auto Care, Troy, MI. Visit Kristi's shop HERE 

Karim Morsli, Winkler Automotive Service, Gaithersburg, MD. Visit Karim's shop HERE

Key Talking Points

  • Oil change- consistent results for every customer, supplies are together
  • It’s easy to start- start with your most repetitive processes. Graphic representation of your business (overview of the shop) spaghetti diagram (Karim used Sketchup App) is tracing every step of the process you do with numbered steps and how much time it takes. What is your critical path? 
  • Every job is pre, during, and post. Clean as you go
  • The leadership of the business needs to invest in
  • Time=money
  • Using data- how many jobs do you do? How many hours does it take? How much stock do you have? What is more profitable?
  • Get your team involved- everyone has to be a part of it for lean to work. Less stress looking for tools/scanners etc. Holds everyone accountable. Once team members see how much easier and less stressful their jobs are they will be excited about it and want to help improve it even more
  • Lean is ongoing and will continue to improve
  • Be careful, lean will follow you home!

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