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078: On Mission: Your Journey to Authentic Leadership
Episode 785th September 2022 • Leadership Jam Session • Rob Fonte
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In this episode, I sit with co-authors Sean Georges and Dr. John Buford to talk about their recently published book titled, On mission: Your Journey to Authentic Leadership. The book serves as a resource for personal leadership development, crafted by Sean and John, two former marine officers with a combined 80 years of leadership experience in military, business, nonprofit, and education.  


  • Authentic leadership is both authenticity in the human being who is influencing another person in the direction of a shared mission and authenticity in who they are and how they engage 
  • Leadership does not work the way an org chart looks. It is relationship driven, mission focused, and can work in any direction within a hierarchy 
  • If you want to gain commitment, influence others, and change ways of thinking, your people must know you care for them. We call that leading with love