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253. Farmer’s Market Podcast | SCA Farms | Stefan Holt | South Carolina
19th November 2018 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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I’m excited to introduce my guest who also has a podcast called the Farmer’s Market Podcast to talk about some of the success he’s had!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m in South Carolina. I’m a local cause I’ve been her the longest, but my dad was in the Military, Stefan is a German name. I’m an army brat. My career as far as when I went to college is mainly broadcast television and into digital media and marketing. Did a stint with a fragrance company. I’m always appreciative of the experiences I’ve had and led me to be the marketing director

For the past 2 years I’ve got the bug for market farming. You can’t really count your first year. Really heavy this past year. 

So you went from pasture to following a plan of following a market farm. You are already selling at the farmer’s market, I see there’s a list of crops on your website. Tell us about the transition from pasture to producing food. 

It’s a journey. It’s not easy. I’ve always been a hard worker. If you ask people that now me, I’m a get it done kind of guy. I can have fun but I like work.

SCA Farms

farming is relatively new, 12 acres

2 acres of pasture

horses to different barn

I’m looking outside. It’s either got to have animals on it or something growing. There’s really nothing going on on this pasture

I’m a big believer in something should give back, conservation land birds or animals

had this pasture land. I believe in farming is that everything has a purpose. 

What can I do with limited equipment. I always wanted. I was so close to getting one of these big farm, tractors.

Now I really understand. I started out just doing reserach. A lot of research I was doing.

I used tarps over the winter my frist year.

let me look into some gardening or planting

got into market garden style intensive 10 inch walkways

bunch of guys online doing it market

Curtis Stone and Canadians

followed those guys

the Lean Farm

Ben Hartman

Ray Tyler out of Tennessee

I like lettuce

broadcast and now doing a farming

I’m in SC

I’m a local because Ive been here the longest

part German

dad was in the military

army brat

my career as far as when I left high school went to college


heavy into digital media and marketing

stint with a fragrance company

I’m always appreciative of the experience I have had

marketing director for a finance company

got the bug for farming

market garden style farming for the last 2 years, can’t really count the first year

say two years

I’ve always been a hard worker

I’m a get it done kind of guy

pasture for horses

SCA farms

started out

horses left to another barn

barrel racing made sense

got to do something

something growing in it

things have a purpose

watching beauty and relaxing

learned since farming

has a purpose

is kind of wasteful

turning the pasture into a productive field for crops

limited equipment

always wanted a tractor

close to get a big farm tractor

put a down payment

something fell through

selling so cheap they needed the money soon as possible

keep the money

I wish you the best

missed the opportunity to get ta big tractor

means to farm put your hands in the dirt

doing research

a lot of the research

other farmers who boot strapped it

I used tarps for over the winter

my first year

got rid of a lot of the grass

decomposed allowed the micro-organizers

I am not a believer in spraying, pesticides or putting chemicals on anything and my wife will tell you the idea of eating from the stores, I don’t know what’s been sprayed.

eating organic

knowing what Im growing

some pests

see OSEM bites

it’s about organics as your gonna get

start the organic seeds

The only thing I spray is water, that’s kind of how I started.

Tell me about your first gardening experience?

I will tell you, growing up in the military you hop from place to place

we stayed on base, when I say that and even when we weren’t on base, my whole high school I spent, we were overseas in Germany in a little town

never had an experience

My dad always did little stuff around the house but my grandma had a garden in the back of her yard, it was a pretty big yard. It was as a little kid. She used to grow stuff all the time. She would get fresh blackberries. 

Made a blackberry cobbler that I loved

We didn’t spend a lot of time, she was in Clarksville, TN.

She always wore that the old school smock like a one piece and boots and that smock. She’s be in the house cooking breakfast and go out to the garden and that’s what she would wear all day.

Reminded me of old school, she had a little bit of indian in her but reminds me of 

old school farming women

  • hearty stock
  • don’t mind to get dirty

My dad does the tomato plants and all kind of things at his house in Columbia. I think it’s in the genes

now that I am doing it

I have 4 kids

after about 2 you loose track

4 kids

2 boys 2 girls

when your raising kids, it’s the same thing when you’re raising plants. A baby is defenseless. 

seed is defenseless

it’s either gonna grow or it’s not

like a little child

teach your children

become somewhat a mature plant like teenage kids, they grow up like an adult. But when you see your plant grow up

you know what it took to raise and grow your produce

There’s an attachment to that, you can share that with children


when they make a difference

You’re hoping that when you grow your vegetables or they grow out in the world that they make a difference in someone world.

philosophical answer but that’s how I feel when you’re growing stuff.

I think listeners will relate to that and that’s why were interested in that. I call my listeners green future growers because we’re interested in sustainable practices and growing a greener world.

It takes a caliber person to get out there and do the work.

the weight loss program is grow your own food

I didn’t know the

You never see it till the end, you don’t know till you see a crop come in

go out an harvest it

once you see that happen one time you have confidence you can do it again and then replicate it.

I did it with lettuce can I do it with arugula?

hey arugula works can I do it now with kale?

you start to build confidence

what seeds you’re purchasing Non-gmo, organic

your supplier

nurture that plant in order to have a bountiful harvest

Carolina farm Steward conference in durham. I’m gonna meet a lot of folks that are going to have a wide variety of beliefs on what they grow and why they grow it and how they grow it but it all boils down to people trying to grow the most good food. 

Im looking down at Mike’s minifarm. It still seems like almost one of our 2 wells is always running out. I always wonder how we are ever going to produce enough food for other people, it’s hard enough for us to grow enough for us. I think Mike has grown enough potatoes this year for us, I think he harvested 250 lbs  if that doesn’t last IDK what will. 

Kale this year, I learned with it how easy it is to grow and get a strong crop and I might not grow spinach ever again. Other things we struggle with, tomatoes are really hard. Corn is so hard in our climate, he was so close this year with a nice crop. Plus kale is so much stronger. Arugula. 

Tell us about something that grew well this year.

Several things grew really well, arugula grows here well

without a doubt I can get an arugula crop if not every week it’s pretty much every other week, it does really well in this climate. 

We’re in upstate area in S Carolina



2 hours in between, basically near Clemson (who won the national championship a couple of years here)

  • upstate
  • rich area

down from asheville

hour and a half


green ice

recommended by


Clemson University Extension program

good crops to grow in certain areas in South Carolina especially in this area.

I grow a variety of lettuce called green ice

2 different types of kale that I grow.

did the red Russian

I’m partial to a blue scotch curl

grows really well

gets really mature it really tastes great!

tastes great

I’d love to be known as the lettuce king of Lawrence county

but I don’t have an aspiration of having rows and rows of lettuce

easy at the farmer’s market who have red tomatoes

I don’t grow tomatoes necessarily, it’s not my speciality not what I want to be known for

cherry tomatoes


everybody I know can grow radishes even if you have never tried, they are very easy to grown

as long as you have some loose 1-2 inches of soil

bumper crops of radishes

We did french breakfast radishes they taste amazing.

Want to here something about radishes this year, I just happened to see this post on Megan Cain’s Creative Vegetable Gardener, is that you can saute them, and I ate so many of them this spring!

now that I am growing vegetables! 

A lot of people say I am turning into my dad

he did a lot of pickling

getting into pickling and jarring

pickle radishes

didn’t turn out very well need to figure out a recipe

Like you said, sautèing radishes I have heard of roasted radishes

roasting radishes I’m partial

salad and prepare it

took my cucumbers that I pickled this year I had them with some radishes

carrots and celery

I basically blend them up in a mixture

fine type of mixture

lay that on top of my kale

oil based vinaigrette

It’s the best salad

I can eat that till I’m blue in the face!

I’m not gonna say it’s contributed to my weight loss

I always feel like I have a full meal

It blends up the radishes, even if you are not a consumer, it’s blended so well you only get a little taste. 

I’m sure it tastes good with the pickle vinegar in there. 

In S Carolina you can go to almost any store and you see all these different relishes

Maybe it’s my German blood I love pickles

pickled herring!

IDK why I saw it when we grew up in Germany

German market selling everything!

  • fish
  • bread

lined up with people

If someone has a recipe for pickled herring please share.

great recipe

definitely post it or send it

pickling recipes

I try to keep it simple on the farm

I don’t want to complicate thing

When you complicate things it cause you to think and work more

lose energy and I’d rather put it into the plant.

Keep it simple, I always like to start small. It sounds like you started off gigantic!

planting about 2 acres

where I’m planting it’s probably about 

40 x 100’


not much but if you are planting intensive, market garden style

a 50’ row in lettuce multiple times in a season will produce a lot of lettuce.

For sure!

It will produce a lot of lettuce

You were asking how did I get from pasture to market?

the first year I had no intention of going to the market, none, zip, I wanted to do research. Sure enough the things I had planted in March and Feb started taking off and my wife says you need to go to the market.

I have to figure this out do more research

Someone says, hey, are you a farmer?

I was like, yes, I have a farm, that’s right.

I didn’t want to give myself a farming classification. 

They said, we’re looking for farmers at this market. I said let me think about it.

I went home and thought what am I gonna do with all this

4 kids

3 are out of the house

I don’t need to grow a ton of stuff for my family

I call and tell them I’m gonna come this week

2 weeks are turning into 3 weeks

there you go

that’s kind of how that  progression of starting with something that was just an idea

I talked to my kids and tell them what, I’m doing. at first they don’t get the vision. 

My problem is my mom doesn’t get the vision. I feel like she doesn’t get the vision. She always says go to the market, I’m always like we don’t have enough stuff to go to the market.

I went to the market

here’s the thing

we went on vacation

we went on 3 different ones, it just happened

our west

It really messed up my sink, once you start planting in a season, you have things you have to have done at a certain time. 

I ended up at the market with nothing but with cucumbers

I have about 150-200 lbs cucumbers

Let’s just go. We’re gonna have cucumber water for sampling

Take some of the pickling I’ve done

commercial kitchen

not gonna sell it

let them know

That’s what my husband always said, we should have pickles for the kids at the table for the kids at the table. 

I brought it as display. The whole idea. The same thing with the cucumber water to attract people to the stand. They would see I have 2 types of cucumbers. 

I wanted them to be able to see other things

we do more then this but right now it’s just cucumbers. 

I would say, I can’t sell them but you can try them.

they would say hay these are great!

People standing at the stand, and I would say they were made with these cucumbers you can buy!

Until you do it and try it, the cucumber water blew our mind!

We had people asking us how to make it.

My friend Dacia drinks that all the time, cucumbers with mint etc.

I’ve been in hotels in Atlanta and in their fitness rooms, they have a big ole jug of iced strawberry cucumber water right there and it tastes great and looks great! 

So to bring to the city. It’s classy and having this water why don’t we bring it to a local market.

  • rinse and spit cups
  • fluoride
  • make them even smaller
  • ridiculously small

Just gave out water. It was hot! So why not?

We had this ice cold cucumber water


People walking buy and it was just a conversation starter. People bought cucumbers just cause we had the water!

Farmer's Market Podcast

Is there something you would do different next year or want to try/new?

what I am planning on doing is the podcast

Farmer’s Market Podcast! 

two loves together

I like doing the farm tours. What Ive realized doing even the small market is you’ve got a short window, so I’m excited about extending

upstate in local south Carolina

There’s a ton of farmers from this area!

everybody doing market gardens to aquaponics we have a ton of folks. We have a market in Greenville. 

TD Saturday of market

1000s of people It’s ridiculous how many farms and people are at this market!

Greenville is an up and comping market

big city compared to the small towns around, it’s got a local feel

It was listed as one of the top ten cities to move to and live a few years ago

I’m doing the podcast gets me in touch with more farmers, which gives me another platform to talk about

my big thing

mainly sticking with my greens

  • lettuce
  • arugula
  • kale


My biggest challenge has always been Succession Planting!

Me too!

If you miss a week you just messed up the schedule

or your harvest is supposed to come in and its not ready

you’ve tasted it

push it off another week

what am I gonna take to market this week.

succession planting

my wife says she got this plan

simplify it for me

I’ve got a secret weapon


she’s a worm farm

organic worm farmer

she has got a product that is going to help me out!

I am looking forward to trying her product in my garden to help grow organic produce. It is a female owned company 

  • handful in this area if not the state
  • totally female owned
  • cool to see what she’s doing

She’s part of a pilot program here in South Carolina

go to farmer’s market podcast

haven’t put them out there just yet

library a few before I launch them

I’m really excited because it’s different and gets me jazzed up!

I always excited about more podcasts to teach people the better!

Tell me about something that didn’t work so well this season.


When you’re growing you want to grow a variety of vegetables!

simply for yourself

try different things to see if you can do it

When I started out last year, I didn’t have all my facts, I was still learning

I wasn’t thinking of spacing in terms of growing tomatoes

grew in a small hoop house

quickly overran

had to push your weight out of the vines, I trimmed as much as I possibly could. 

blossomed everywhere

bees are in there

didn’t work out so well

this year I’m gonna do it different

Not necessarily for the market, I know growers that have great looking tomatoes that taste great

grew three different types of tomatoes

The bad thing about it I wasn’t paying attention when they were starts

I got them all mixed up, I didn’t label them right


That will get me every time!

didn’t label them correctly


I think there were some cross pollination

didn’t turn out the way that I thought

The Juliet didn’t come out the way they were supposed

didn’t produce like I was anticipating

the beefsteak was horrible couldn’t get them to grow right

the pisano came out ok and I was able to can and jar a bunch

Juliet and the beefsteak

if you never try you never know, I messed up

back to square one

sun gold

They taste great! a tangy rich taste different then a red cherry tomato

I love sun gold

A lot of people do winter growing

I haven’t mastered that yet


I took down my hoop house so I could expand my rows

able to get 4 more rows by taking down the hoop house, I might go to caterpillar tunnels, idk. In South Carolina we don’t get the cold

upstate a little bit

Greenville county is a pretty large county

I’m just south

The interstate dissects the county in half

You could literally have the schools and ice freeze below the interstate

when it happens all the kids are looking at the weather in the upper part they know schools are gonna be closed!

we do get some ice, but we barely get any snow

one – 2 inches it’s gone within the week, it’s not bad at all. We get a lot of rain.

The worst thing I hate the most is the 


Are you close to the coast?

No, not at all, we get mountain wind


up on a kind of hill


We don’t get a lot but we do get some

when there’s weather in the area

wind or busts

I don’t like it

I do overhead sprinkling, irrigation is a whole other story

some drip

some plots rows

Mainly overhead because it’s easier and simpler but the wind can mess that up

one side nice and drenched with water and the other side nothing! This is not good!

do it manual too! You know to take one of those old gardening buckets and manually pour the water out there, I’ve gone out there and done that

Just go out and water with a bucket?

We’ve done that, because we’ve had our water challenges. Our first well was just a shallow well, it was enough to do a couple of beds but not the lawn, or the orchard or certainly not the mini-farm, but I have certainly hauled my share of water buckets. A lot of my guests have talked about watering and automatic systems. I feel like we still spend a lot of time watering.

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Now Let’s Get to the Root of Things!

Which activity is your least favorite activity to do in the garden?

weeding but I don’t do a whole lot of it because I use the tarps.

What is your favorite activity to do in the garden?

planting the starts


starting the process when you bein!

there’s something when you are putting a plant in the ground

giving the TLC, now it’s your time! daddy’s done for the moment, now you gotta do your little thing. 

It’s true they are like your little babies but they do gotta grow on their own!

What is the best gardening advice you have ever received?

don’t overcomplicate things

irrigation is the perfect example, I decided I’m just gonna hook up my hoses and run a sprinkle!

keeping it simple

  • broadcast
  • radio
  • sales
  • fragrance

keep it simple

You can fix simple, but you can’t fix complicated!

a lot of energy

A favorite tool that you like to use? If you had to move and could only take one tool with you what would it be.

I will say this, I don’t like weeding, I love my little flame weeder torch!

Because there’s something about igniting, I do it old school, what farmers used to do when they light up the fields and get rid of the weeds

brush burners

weeds they evaporate when you put a torch on them

It’s fun

It’s like on fire! Like back in the cave man days ~ ooooh fire’s good!

A favorite recipe you like to cook from the garden?

gluten free noodles

spaghetti squash

with kielbasa sausage

I can eat my greens I can literally walk through my rows and eat it fresh right there in the field! It’s the simplest recipe I know, there’s nothing better then cukes that have been pickled

I’m a big fruity guy! I like mixing my

kale with my radishes

  • pickles
  • carrots
  • celery
  • raisins
  • cranberries
  • sun flower seeds
  • pumpkin seeds

and then the salad dressing! I forgot what she puts in it, it doesn’t around here, but it lasts we’ll storage wise

I like all that because I’m a big salad girl, and I’m a big salad dressing girl. Mike pickles a lot of beets for me, we rarely buy tomatoes from the store and I put those pickled beets on there in the winter and hmmmmm. Those are so good! The garden bursting. 

A favorite internet resource?

I do follow Curtis Stone the Urban Farmer

I follow his blog

I listen to a lot of podcasts

Farm Small Farm Smart Podcast by Diego

Diego who does Big Farm, Farm Smart

I listen to his farm

information knowledge is power

It really is! Especially if you’ve never gardened or farming

You’re listening to guys who say I never did it started doing it

think of people and farms.

$350 annually as far as regular

Never sink Farm  right there on the Neversink River.

He was a corporate guy, he and his wife just went out and did it from scratch.

the resources are out there, may not want to do something

If I keep plugging away at that, I might get there. I listen to Diego, and then

The internet gives you connections. You can’t be lazy if you’re a farmer, no way, you may not want to do something. I could give excuses like, I didn’t look that up but it’s really, I don’t want to know.

I was listening to Marie Forleo and she talks about this thing where you can get whatever you want, but she talks about you have to decide what you really want, you can’t say, I can’t find time to exercise, you can say I won’t exercise, because if you really want it you’ll find the time. Then figure out are you going to and make that commitment or are you not.

Do you really want to be a market farmer? I am watching that Never sink Farm  website, I have seen that before but I could watch that all day!

A favorite reading material-book, mag, blog/website etc you can recommend?

the Urban Farmer I like because he’s not a farmer, he doesn’t have land

they did it different

MarketGardenerBookThe Market Gardener: A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming

JM Fortier

were different and lived out

Curtis Stone did it in his backyard

Curtis can give you some real practical guidelines on how you can just get started, even if it’s just one row. 

those two books

I even took a picture

these two guys who are gonna help me get there

I’m gonna listen to what they say, and follow what they do

I would agree with you about what you’re saying about I can’t and I won’t. 

It’s amazing to me, when I tell my kids, eventually

there’s gonna be a walk in cooler and there’s gonna be this

none of that stuff exists

It just exists in my mind.

if you keep plugging away

I will have a vegetable garden

I will a vegetable garden and I started digging the patch where I’m gonna plant. 

the next day

I’m gonna go out and pretend this is gonna be a row of radishes, this is gonna be a row of lettuce, and you start convincing yourself in it’s going to happen

I believe in the power of the mind

I played a little of college football. I’m a big believe when an athlete says

“I first told myself it can be done”

once you do that you can convince yourself

working towards that goal

nothing to stop!

I’m a big believer in that. I’ve been working on this book for like 25 years now called Dreams Do Come True. We never thought we’d dig a well, or have an orchard or be where we are now, we lived 6 years without water on our property. 

The great thing about where were at, there’s a whole other story behind that , there’s a whole story behind our property I’ll tell on the podcast. 

house that we live in

story behind it

they had a small well they redid the well before we bought the property it’s about 350 feet in the ground. I had them check the well before we bought the house. They said, you guys are probably gonna die 3 times before the well runs dry. 

telling me that

when you’re struggling

the one essential thing we all need is water.

I get it!

thankful we didn’t have that issue

You can’t really haul water to a garden, I mean we’ve done some of that but not a lot, I did talk to Kathy O’Leary when I first started my podcast and she talked about hauling water to garlic to take to the farmer’s market.

We dug a well 560 feet deep, idk if we are ever going to pay our well off! We have expanded so much, Mike grows so much more every year, like he grew like 2xs as much as ever and then like 4xs and this year like 10x as much as he’s ever grown!

we like a little variety in our life

we can only eat so much kale

  • mix it up just for us
  • vision
  • side little plot
  • family plot
  • mix and match

not enough to take too the market

If you have a business to you have any advice for our listeners about how to sell extra produce or get started in the industry?

business is the same no matter what industry you are in. It’s no different if you are watching shark tank tonight or going to a local famer’s market

  • got to find a need that people have
  • customers that have that need
  • fulfill that need

wrap that up in customer’s service

Customer Service for farming is if you can tell people

  • how you’re doing it
  • why it’s different
  • buy it from you
  • not your stand but why the should buy from you the farmer or the gardener

your gonna do very well no matter what business you’re in

That is from experience!

I’ve had to promote all kind so f things in television and broadcasting

how to sell products I believe in and knew exactly how they were created!

fragrance products

now rgowing fruits and vegetables


customers where they are at

wrap it in customer service

The best business advice I can give to children listeners or anyone who asks for advice.

Final question-

if there was one change you would like to see to create a greener world what would it be? For example is there a charity or organization your passionate about or a project you would like to see put into action. What do you feel is the most crucial issue facing our planet in regards to the environment either in your local area or on a national or global scale?

You know I think the biggest issue is knowing what you’re eating and where it comes from as far as when it comes to food

We’ve all been conditioned to eat out of the box

saying someone mentioned it on a video, stop eating out of  a box!

we have

Cereal was in a box, everything was in a box, I never knew where the food came from.

Our son was diagnosed with some rare bone disease and having a gluten sensitivity

where does gluten come from?

less then 10 years

what is gluten?

You start dissecting what you’re eating where it comes from

Am I harming my body, am I putting potentially cancerous causing things in my body that I am going to regret. When you start doing that and looking on your left on your right with your family

understanding something that we ate or put in our body and could have prevented it and what’s causing it!

long answer to your short questions

knowing what you’re eating where it is coming from

give it to your kids

know you’re giving poison to your kids and when you don’t know that’s a whole different story.

I’ve been through this whole argument with my mom, she’s always like we didn’t grow up eating organic food, it’s just a scam to charge more money, I keep trying to tell her, it’s not like food we got when we were kids. That food didn’t have the chemicals the spray on it now. Her doctor finally said something about don’t eat food with GMOs, so now she’s on the look for the GMO free label. 

Do you have an inspiration tip or quote to help motivate our listeners to reach into that dirt and start their own garden?

I guess my inspiration from farming if you have a vision or an idea or a concept and you never plant that vision and you never start that process

you are never gonna see it grow!

If you don’t plant that seed you have in you, the reality of it is, we all have a seed that I believe that God has put in you at least water it to see if it’s gonna grow. Then I say shame on you for taking what has given you and not doing anything with it. 

I was a coach for my kids

I used to, not harshly, and try to motivate them to get out there and do their best! 


take that seed that god has give you

Plant it

Water it and

let it grow!

let that take you to where you need to be in life.

I like that because I call my listeners green future growers because especially in this day and age of politics, I like people to walk there talk! 

How do we connect with you?

Farmer’s Market Podcast! 

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Farmer’s Market Podcast! 





South Carolina

love for you to be listeners

appreciate the fact new passion

this season

as the leaves fall

swath of them

people don’t know where the SCA Farms

(Stefan Cares About Farms) People don’t know where the SCA came from, it’s the initials of my name, my wife’s name, and my oldest child’s name.


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The Organic Gardener Podcast is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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Organic Gardening Podcast Group

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If you like what you heard on the Organic Gardener Podcast we’d love it if you’d give us review and hopefully a 5 star rating on iTunes so other gardeners can find us and listen to. Just click on the link here.