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Alex Korff (Peaked In High Skool and Draftsharks Product Manager)
Episode 1421st June 2023 • Fantasy Football Origin Stories • Sports History Network
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Fantasy Football Origin Stories is part of the Sports History Network - The Headquarters For Sports Yesteryear.


In this 14th episode, Alex Korff rides shotgun in the DeLorean, to take us back in time and learn about his Fantasy Football Origin Story. We talk about many topics, including:

  • Alex's first recollections of fantasy football (the most recent of any on this show)
  • Some stories of his early days of fantasy football
  • How he created the trade charts in Reddit
  • The story behind PeakedInHighSkool
  • His wild ride as an engineer, then being recruited for Draftsharks
  • Some tips on how to use tools at Draftsharks and PeakedInHighSkool
  • One of the more in-depth conversations about using math and fantasy football you'll ever hear
  • Much more


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***This is pulled straight from his Draftsharks profile.****

Better known as “PeakedInHighSkool,” Alex fell into creating fantasy football content by accident. He grew up as the “nerdy kid” and started playing fantasy in 2017 to keep in touch with his college buddies. He was instantly hooked and started producing the long-running series “Reddit Adjusted Trade Value Charts” a few weeks into his very first season.

Math and numbers always came easy for him. Alex is an engineer by trade (shocking) and focuses a lot on the game theory and the “value” of players. Alex only talks about fantasy football, CrossFit, and board games, which makes him exhausting at parties. He joined Draft Sharks in 2023 as the product manager.