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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 10, 16th September 2016
Avoid These Common Mistakes Before ‘Jumping In’ on Your Documentary Film
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Avoid These Common Mistakes Before ‘Jumping In’ on Your Documentary Film

I’m often asked about the most common mistakes one can avoid before diving headlong into one’s documentary project. In some ways, I can’t really decide if I’m the right or wrong one to ask this question to. I mean, I’ve kind of made some of the same mistakes multiples times in the past couple of projects alone. So, yeah, in a way maybe I am the right person to ask about this… you know, since I’ve felt the pain not once, but twice, and therefore will never make these same mistakes again..!! (Right??) Anyhow, discussing some pitfalls to avoid well before shooting the first frame of your documentary is at the heart of today’s episode.


It’s also worth noting that this particular episode marks our tenth one! Celebration time, you documentary lifers!! We’re still going, and strongly at that. Listen in to find out why and how, as well as another milestone that I’m ecstatic to share with you.


So… thank you for continuing to tune in to this show. The documentary life community is growing… one download and one subscriber at a time…



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