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CyberBytes: RSA 2024 Edition: Veracode with Brian Roche
Episode 9511th June 2024 • CyberBytes: The Podcast • Powered by Aspiron Search
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The benefit of a CyberBytes: The Podcast episode taking 18 months to finally record… the guest can get promoted to CEO!  

Between numerous rescheduled, Brian Roche recently stepped up from Chief Product Officer to CEO of Application Security leader, Veracode. Brian and I have gotten to know each other during setting this up, and it was great to be able to sit down in-person at RSA to hear his story. Tune in to learn… 

  • What Veracode is doing to stay a Magic Quadrant Leader despite the droves of new AppSec vendors in the market 
  • How his development background gave him the mindset and drive of making security easy  
  • You’re never too senior to code and Brian still gets on the tools to help the products develop
  • Brian’s 3 ingredients to making a great CEO 

Looking forward to seeing how Brian continues to evolve Veracode in his new CEO role! 

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