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National Association for Primary Education - Mark Taylor 4th February 2020
The Social Growth of Young Children - NAPE 044
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The Social Growth of Young Children - NAPE 044

Welcome to National Association for Primary Education podcast. On todays show you will hear the latest news including our new YouTube Channel and a chapter from our book Christian Schiller - In His Own Words', read by Peter Cansell - NAPE Information Officer

Christian was appointed HMI in 1924 and then followed a long period of work with the schools in Liverpool where his contact with poor children and their families was a deeply formative experience. He became District Inspector and later filled this role in Worcestershire. In 1946 he became Staff Inspector for Primary Education and his influence, often in partnership with his friend Robin Tanner, HMI. Both strongly felt that as elementary schools developed into primary schools, they should have a distinctive child- centred approach. That approach means teachers drawing on children’s innate creativity so recognising the powerful learning that emerges from direct experience.

‘Christian Schiller in his own words’ was published by the Association from 1979. This invaluable book is still available price £5.00 from the National Office. The book and all its wisdom about teaching young children and how we can help them to learn should find a place on every teacher’s bookshelf.

Links to the book and YouTube Channel can be found directly from our website www.nape.org.uk

The National Association for Primary Education speaks for young children and all who live and work with them. This includes parents, teachers, governors and all those interested in primary education. NAPE is a non-political charity and works tirelessly to support teachers in the classroom. NAPE leads the Primary Umbrella Group of thirty primary subject associations and unions and gives teachers and schools a voice at governmental level at consultative meetings with ministers for schools.