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RR 101: Ron Inchausti from Coast Motor Werk
22nd March 2016 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Ron Inchausti always had entrepreneurial ideas since childhood, but lacked goal setting to implement these ideas. He started his automotive career like most, working for someone else. He never considered, or saw the need, to start his own company. This young, eager mechanic had a special passion fueled by providing quality service with a thoughtful approach to the customers’ needs. Ron recognized that the customer was inconvenienced by a car problem, but he knew he could do more than just fix the car.Ron Inchausti 4

He worked his way through several independent shops realizing that in order to fulfill his needs, he would need to work for a dealership. Isn’t this the pinnacle of quality service and customer satisfaction? It took less than 2 years for Ron to realize that the dealership did not share his visions of what the automotive service industry should represent.

In 2005 Ron was approached with the opportunity to take over a failing business. The reasons for failure were clear to Ron, and he knew he could build the service experience customers did not know existed. Ron didn’t see the need for a formal business plan or investors. He started Coast Motor Werk with excess passion for a simple goal. This goal would later ignite him as a serial entrepreneur.Ron Inchausti 3

He set his sights on providing the highest level of service to a very niche market. He opened his first shop in 2005 along the coast of Southern California. The odds were against him as he immediately narrowed his geographical footprint, as half of his customers could not reside in the Pacific Ocean. To narrow his customer base even more, he chose to work solely on BMW and MINI’s.

Taking it a step further, Ron created what he refers to as his “cardboard cutout”.  This “cardboard cutout” philosophy of his revolved around his belief that he did not want to get in to the business of fixing cars, but rather into the business of fixing customers. By narrowing his customer base, he could focus his excellent service on excellent customers. Ron shares, “Anyone can fix cars. That’s why I focus my business on fixing customers’ problems. Auto repair can be inconvenient, but the repair process shouldn’t be.”

Why Listen?

Ron will share how setting goals has made the difference for him.

How demographics helps him determine if he has zeroed in on a great location

Learn about his company ‘advocates’ and how this applies to his retention strategy.

Appreciate how his ‘mentor’ has really helped his personal and business growth.

Learn about what his dream car is and if he owns it.

It is clear that Ron’s success is due to realizing who your ideal customer is and what their needs are. By modeling his business around this philosophy Coast Motor Werk has met, and exceeded, its original goal. To maintain growth, Ron is constantly setting new goals as each milestone is reached. He feels without a well-defined goal to reach, he has nothing to work towards. After his first shop had proven the potential of his business model, a new goal would be set. As he has nearly accomplished this second goal of expanding his brand to 5 locations (currently sitting at 4), Ron is already working on what his next goal will be.

Ron’s passion for business development has led him to continually develop new ventures. He has recently launched Spana Life, a lifestyle company and importer of fine Spanish foods. This idea developed from his passion for Spanish food and lifestyle acquired during his travels. This has since led to Expedition Wines, a private label series of Spanish wines, also a passion of his.

Ron is at a very exciting time in his life where setting goals and following his passion has been universal to all of his ventures. Success is a result of setting goals related to something you are passionate about. “I find that when I get really excited about something, the only thing that satisfies me is sharing it with others. If I can model a business around this passion, even better.” explains Ron Inchausti, owner of Coast Motor Werk, Spana Life, and Expedition Wines.

Shop DNA

Locations 4
Specialty BMW & Mini Cooper
Years in industry 25
Years in business 1
Number of techs 11
Number of lifts 25
Number of bays 27
Open 5 Days
Estimated Yearly Income $5M
Business coach Cecil Bullard

Coast Motor Werk Website here.

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