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How Virtual Assistants Are Making a Difference, with Jess Ostroff
Episode 2931st June 2018 • Youpreneur: The Profitable Personal Brand Expert Business! • Chris Ducker
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Nowadays, business owners face a relentless workload of pressing tasks and impossible deadlines. More often than not, it can feel like a cascading avalanche is about to come crashing down on you. A lot of people in a situation like this one, find themselves asking “How can I manage all of this on my own?”

In this episode, my good friend Jess Ostroff joins the show to talk about her growth as a personal brand entrepreneur, building her business ‘Don’t Panic Management’ and how virtual assistants are making a HUGE difference.

This is a first for Youpreneur FM and for me personally, having been known as the ‘go to’ person for all things virtual team building and virtual assistants for a long time I’ve never interviewed someone on one of my specialist subjects!

Jess identifies herself as an ‘anti-rule follower’ and has always strived to help people get out of their own way so that they can discover their true potential. She launched ‘Don’t Panic Management’ in 2011 and it has quickly become one of the most successful virtual assistant businesses online today.

Essential Learning Points From This Episode:

  • Think of a virtual assistant as a ‘thoughtful partner’ and someone who you can trust and rely on to help grow your business
  • Even self-proclaimed ‘workaholics’ need to find the balance between work and family life because working 24/7 is not sustainable
  • We are only as good as our bodies, so put your health FIRST and your business SECOND
  • If you aren’t doing a certain task yourself that doesn’t make you a failure
  • Spend time creating systems and processes that other people can follow
  • Writing a book is the easiest way to position yourself as a thought leader
  • Half of the US workforce will be virtual by 2020
  • Hiring somebody regardless of their location is one of the biggest barriers employers have to overcome if they want to grow their business without restrictions
  • You don’t have to be located in the ‘big cities’ to make a difference
  • Much, much more!

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