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Daring to be HAPPY with Lila B - Lila B 20th November 2017
28: We are all Joy with Taraka
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28: We are all Joy with Taraka

Today I'm joined by Taraka, a meditation teacher from Singapore, who I have been blessed to spend the last few days of my trip with as she has shown me the sights of Singapore. Taraka was caught up in the global economic crises which hit Asia in the late 90’s. Overnight her business collapsed. She was facing the brink of bankruptcy and was blaming the world around her for her misfortune.
"One night, after living my life in so much fear, I was standing at my balcony and I wanted to jump. I was ready to call it quits. Not because I wanted to die but because I refused to continue a life this way because deep inside my heart I knew that life wasn’t supposed to be lived like this, but I just had no idea how to get out of this trap I was in."
I screamed at God and I wanted to know what is real and what is not. And then the phone rang! And it was an invitation from a lady I had met at a holistic bookshop. She wanted to invite me to a meditation talk. It was almost like this phone call was like a lifeline from God, through an angel to pass me this message - and it totally turned my life around and it literally saved my life. Taraka then shares how without any money she became brokenhearted that she couldn’t afford to actually attend the course. Until the lady from the bookshop offered to lend her the money to go. She noticed the effect immediately, as an insomniac it gave her the deepest most restful sleep, on the very first night. And it was easy - compared to other meditation techniques that she had tried. Because of the instant peace and ret that it brought her. And she found it easy to create the discipline to want to do it every day for the last 17 years. The more I remember to practice I find the meditation takes on a life Totally changed my perspective about who I am and the world around with me. Everything I thought was wrong with me and the world, opened up to show me a different way to live. It looked more beautiful compared to how it used to seem evil and unfair. I stopped being a victim and it empowered me to bring back my creative energy. I experienced much more gratitude despite still having challenges. I could still deal with all the lawyers and banks and people wanting money from me but I could deal with it without any suffering. The power of gratitude is so amazing. The more I feel gratitude for life the more things start happening for me. People will come into my life, money will appear so I can pay a bill. It opens up things beyond what the mind says is possible. Taraka talks about intuition: As the only Ascension teacher living in Singapore with limited support locally, she has had to learn to trust her intuition which as a result has become more and more acute. Most often I felt that I’m being led by an invisible guidance that comes through me and that mostly from just closing my eyes to what God has to tell me. rather than listening to the head. I just trust whatever is happening or what I’m being led to do and most of the time it works out ok. and even if it doesn’t there is generally something to be learned from the experience. We talk about Taraka’s conscious chocolate and meditation courses and how to put love into chocolate. And we learn a new word; bud-gasim! We are joy itself. All of us can be joyful if we allow it. We have to allow the joy to come through us not waiting for something to happen in order for us to be happy. When we are aligned with the present moment being aware of whatever is being presented in every moment, it’s like a smartphone which you’re using and is all lit up. But when we forget to be present, it’s like when you leave for phone for a while and the screen starts to dim and then it goes dark. To me, when I forget there are always telltale signs that I’m slowing moving away from the silence and life starts to dim and everything feels a bit out of alignment.

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