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Episode 273: This Is A Modern Day Gold Rush
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Episode 273: This Is A Modern Day Gold Rush

Episode 273: This Is A Modern Day Gold Rush

Are you going to learn or get stomped on and left behind?

Okay, so that might be a little harsh. But, it’s the truth.

We are moving to a technology economy with all of the “Google Homes” and “Alexas.”

The world is full of millennials who want to make money online without getting their hands dirty, literally. They don’t want to do the hard labor jobs that you were built to do. This makes finding good employees hard. Generations are changing and this is going to create massive value for you if you position yourself correctly.

If you can lead and offer a compensation package instead of just a paycheck, if you can articulate the amazing culture you have put together & gamify your job experience, if you figure this out

You will have massive, massive competitive advantage.

The future is in voice technology and you have to take the time to learn these things or you will get stomped on and left behind.

Tune in for this 18-minute episode all about the new market that’s coming soon.


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