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Kimberly Shepherd: Teen Whisperer
Episode 728th March 2020 • PowerPivot • Leela Sinha
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Power, privilege, and institutional leadership in education

Thank you for listening to today's episode of PowerPivot. Our guest was Kimberly Shepherd. You can reach her at and her new project's working title is Another Road. many thanks to @demilifemusic (Twitter) for the music and @LarissaFae (also Twitter) for the transcript cleanup.

We mentioned Herb Kohl: I Won't Learn From You

a couple of quotes: "the only way to show them that you have the support is to provide it. Ongoing." "the bulk of the people I want to serve are going to be the least convenient people"

Note from Leela: Our transcript support and cleanup person messaged me with a concern about my statement about not "deserving" love. To clarify: I'm not talking about "you are [xyz characteristic] so you don't deserve love." I'm talking about love is too big to be deserved, it's a grace and a gift. You can't be good enough to deserve it or bad enough to not deserve it, nothing you do makes you more or less deserving of love. It's too vast for human behavior to create or destroy the space for it. If you are offered love, you can be glad to have it, or not. That's it.




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