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Success IQ - Geoff Nicholson EPISODE 110, 23rd January 2019
110 - Sean Casto: App Growth Expert
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110 - Sean Casto: App Growth Expert

Today’s guest is Sean Casto (SHAWN CASS-tow). As the founder of premier app marketing agency PreApps, Sean has helped thousands of apps reach millions of downloads. Sean is also the creator of the App Marketing Academy, the world’s best online mobile app marketing program.

Today, Sean is one of the most in-demand experts on mobile app marketing and growth. His reach has expanded to 80 countries across 24 different app categories, where his clients create, launch, and market their apps, taking each app from zero to millions of downloads and sales. He’s worked with million-dollar apps like Flyp, OverKill 2, and Gadget Flow, and even billion-dollar apps like Cheetah Mobile’s Security Master, with over 550,000,000 downloads.

Sean has been a guest speaker for Microsoft and Samsung, he’s lectured at universities such as Northeastern and Harvard, and he’s been featured on The Washington Post, USA Today, The Boston Globe, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Associated Press. He’s here today to share his tips and techniques to help you reach millions of people with your mobile app.