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Creating Responsible Companies Podcast - Destination Better EPISODE 8, 17th February 2020
008 – Investor ESG Communications: 6 Components for Success
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008 – Investor ESG Communications: 6 Components for Success


Part 3 of a 3 part series on communicating CSR:

Corporate Communications: Why Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics are foundational to your content strategy and how to include them with 6 components for success: Investor, Owner & Shareholder Communication

“Companies are doing great things, they just aren’t telling their stories.” — Barbra & Janet



Special 3-part Series

Good communication can be tricky - especially when speaking with investors, owners, and shareholders. It is important for you to speak their language and provide the information they seek in a format they can use, so they too can see the value in your initiatives and goals. 

These episodes unlock the topics that every CSR and communications professional needs to know to effectively communicate environmental, social and economic initiatives and practices:

Communicating with investors, owners and shareholders can be a rewarding and beneficial experience for you and your company when you link social and environmental initiatives to the value of the business. The field of CSR uses many similar terms. Investors typically refer to CSR or sustainability as Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), because many investors find the information and data for each of the three ESG areas valuable to their investment decisions. 

In this episode, we focus on investor, owner and shareholder communications - how a company keeps these parties engaged, informed and in support of the value ESG brings:

  • The importance of strong investor, owner, and shareholder communication and the type of ESG information to share. 
  • Why it’s important to make appropriate and relevant ESG information public and how this plays a role in the success of your communication strategy...and company.
  • The investors’ expectations of finding various types of ESG information in your company’s public communications. 
  • The reasons why communicating ESG is valuable to your CSR role and the long-term success of your company.

To lay the foundation, here is a simple definition of CSR: 

How your company manages the impact it has on the environment, as well as the people inside and outside the company: its employees, communities, customers, suppliers, and owners. And as a third component, how a company governs these areas, including its economic performance.

Here are our Six Components for ESG Communications Success

  1. WHO: Identify the types of investors, owners, and shareholders you are communicating with
  2. WHAT: Determine what to communicate to these groups
  3. WHY: Know why ESG communications should be part of your content strategy
  4. WAYS: To communicate with investors, owners, and shareholders
  5. Words of caution
  6. Areas of opportunity

Free Resource:

Six Components for Investor, Owner, and Shareholder Communications Success (and the channels available to get your message and strategy across to the outside world)

Download this free tool to help you on your path to an effective investor, owner, and shareholder communication strategy that will help propel your initiatives forward for the betterment of all stakeholders. We are happy to provide you with this resource so you can best tell your company’s story to garner the most value for your business!

PS - Be sure to check out Episode 6 on Internal Communications and Episode 7 on External Communications, where you will find the 6 components and how they are different depending on your audience.