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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 69, 31st August 2020
Little Things That Make a Big Difference [Real Life Example]
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Little Things That Make a Big Difference [Real Life Example]

Do the little things matter when it comes to losing weight? 

Just a couple of weeks ago, I reconnected with a client. She’s always been really into health and fitness, but we had been out of touch for nearly 5 months due to Covid. She told me that she continued to practice really good nutrition, but most days she would relax a little at night, but do her best to make up for it by cutting back somewhere else or adding a little extra exercise. 

Makes sense, right? I bet you’ve done the same “make up for it” trade-off a few times yourself.

As we delved deeper than just the scales to see how her body had changed in the past 5 months, it was pretty astounding. There are a 4 BIG takeaways from her experience. In this episode, you’ll learn … 

  • Why and how little things matter
  • How the “I’ll make up for it” approach can really screw us up
  • One more way the scales can totally screw us up
  • And the big “blind spot” we all have and how to avoid it

Grab your coffee, pad, pen, and let’s get down to it!


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