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Episode 9912th December 2020 • Podcast Review Show – Get Your Podcast Reviewed • David Jackson & Erik K. Johnson
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Today we look at Paypod the payments and fintech podcast. Here is their description from Apple podcasts:

Welcome to PayPod, a show that explores the fast-changing world of payments and fintech. The show features interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs in the payments and fintech industries.

Each episode, you’ll hear an interview directly with a leader of the payments industry. We talk with fintech entrepreneurs, security experts, mobile developers, eCommerce pros, and more...

From credit card processing to bitcoin... from retail point of sale systems to cutting edge digital payments software… merchant accounts. mobile checkout, lending marketplaces, and beyond… we cover it all!

What We Liked About the Show

Once the interview started Scott seemed very relaxed and enjoyed having a conversation with his guest.

While there was some "Bitcoin Rah Rah" it wasn't 100% a pep rally for bitcoin.

Great short introduction that gets right to the point

It was a good discussion about cryptocurrency itself worldwide. You do a good job balancing the discussion of the app with the discussion of the industry overall.

The courage to cover contrarian views was great, and you did a great job of setting up the guest and then getting out of his way as his passion came through.

I liked that you attempted to skip the guest's backstory (even though he admittedly went on some tangents).

The website was clean and does a great job of having a podcast page without distracting from the business.

Things That Might Need Improved

You really need to determine who this show is for and talk specifically to that audience. There may be more than one type of listener, but you really need to embrace one.

Erik thought a bit more on the benefit of the show for the listener. How am I going to benefit?

Leave yourself a little room at the beginning of that before the discussion starts to demonstrate your authority in this space and what you do and how you help people.

Not sure what you could do about this, but an Australian only app cuts out a chunk of the world.

A walk through of the process of the app, what it does, and why I would use it.

A fair amount of jargon. Depending on who the audience is, you might need to explain some of the terms.

The guest had mentioned he had authored a book, and you mentioned you would put a link in the show notes (but didn't).

You did a great job of having a single call to action, but that one call to action wasn't in alignment with your goals. You had stated you wanted more feedback on the topics that interest the audience. If this is the true goal, you need to specify this as your call to action.

Add some more obvious subscribe buttons (instead of links) in the episodes (it is all about the subscribers).


Check out the Paypod podcast at