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Education On Fire - Sharing creative and inspiring learning in our schools - Mark Taylor 8th February 2021
187: Teach Financial Literacy with Jon Alvarado
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187: Teach Financial Literacy with Jon Alvarado

Jon Alvarado, founder of Teach Financial Literacy has created a lifetime financial literacy course designed to break barriers for low-income students and families.

Jon spent 10 years teaching math at a school with 80% free and reduce lunch students and two years teaching financial literacy at a school with 70% free and reduced lunch students.  

During that time, he taught over 2000 students using video instruction to help meet the needs and barriers of many of his students.

Coming from a family of poverty, Jon understands the challenges and barriers poverty presents mentally, emotionally, and financially. Jon can help your students and families with important financial literacy topics that will help them become college and career ready.

 Jon believes there's a better way reach families and students outside of school.  And this is why Teach Financial Literacy was created. 

Have you ever asked yourself any of the questions below? If so, see if Jon can help.

  • I don’t even know where to look for financial literacy resources for students and their families?
  • How can I encourage students and families that everything they learn in financial literacy will impact them every day?
  • How can I get more students college and career ready?
  • Will anyone understand the challenges low income students and families face?




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The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on children’s education may be perceived as a justification for narrowing the curriculum at the expense of the arts and the humanities, but this conference will explore the case for preserving young children’s entitlement to as rich and diverse a curriculum as possible. Dr. Eaude’s keynote lecture will set the scene, highlighting some key issues and considering some lessons to be learnt from the period of lockdown. The subsequent presentations will focus on classroom practice, providing a spotlight on innovations which have been implemented in school and offering guidance for the future.

All are most welcome at this event, including teachers, teacher assistants, governors and students and it’s our hope that the conference will play its part in bringing together a range of stakeholders in primary education, all with a commitment to enhancing children’s entitlement to a balanced and broadly-based curriculum.

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