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The Private Lender Podcast - Keith Baker 20th July 2020
PLP-107: The Tipping Point of this Private Lender
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PLP-107: The Tipping Point of this Private Lender

What can I say - I've hit my tipping point. I would categorize today's episode as a therapy session for me, so thanks for hanging in there. I hope you find some value in there. . . .

If you want to find out more about how our federal representatives are compensated then start here:

How Congress Retirement Pay Compares to the Overall Average

I'll be back next week with the an interview with Jason DeBono who discusses the most passive form of private lending there is.

If you want to fact check the story I told, then please send an email to info@privatelenderpodcast.com and state Fact Check in the subject line.

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