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Braised Bits - Braised Bits EPISODE 2, 7th November 2019
#2 Pause for Applause (Top 9 Favorite Things About Diners)
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#2 Pause for Applause (Top 9 Favorite Things About Diners)

Show Highlights:

00:00-12:00: Show intro. The Chefs turn the stove on medium-high and realize that this might be too hot to start with. Lance reads an Honest Tea review of the pod.

12:00-2:30: Jesse recounts and catamounts his trip to Vermont. Lance discusses why Daylight Savings Time day is his Super Bowl.

20:40-45:00: The chefs share their Top 9 favorite things about diners. After such a successful segment, they debate whether or not to take mints on the way out.

45:00-47:30: Jesse and Lance share a word from the show sponsors.

47:30-55:40: Jesse thinks Freddie Kitchen Sponges are Questionable at Best. Lance wonders why he always gets hypnotized by Casper's mattress adds.

55:40-1:30: Jesse discusses an awkward situation when he was in the middle of sautéing steamy bits on stage over the weekend. Lance talks about a half-sour pickle he got in with a pretty good tour goer.