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INVESTTHIS - Scott Bower EPISODE 93, 30th January 2020
Managing Multiple Businesses and Life
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Managing Multiple Businesses and Life

Managing multiple businesses can be challenging; doing so when you have four kids takes strategy! Today, Spencer Caldwell shows us how it's done! 

Way back in college, Spencer thought he wanted to be a dentist, but when he saw how much he would be in debt, he said: "no, thank you." Within a year, Spencer purchased 10 investment homes and launched a profitable career, buying and selling investment properties at auction. He'd found his passion.

Today, Spencer is the founder of Gentry Real Estate Group and its BuyLowAZteam subsidiary, which offers Trustee auction bidding services, and specializes in new and residential home sales, house fixing and flipping opportunities, resales, land and lots, investors, and relocations.

On today's episode, Spencer shares his start in real estate, how he lost everything in the crash, and had to set his mind to building it back up. We discuss how he accomplished this by diversifying his portfolio with different businesses and some out-of-the-box investments.

Key Takeaways

  • How Spencer entered into real estate investing
  • His pivotal moment when he decided to go into REI
  • Helping investors pick up foreclosures
  • What he feels the secret to success is
  • How focusing on others, helps you and your business
  • His daily routine (it's not easy with 4 kids!)
  • Building and selling a property management company
  • Working effectively with partners
  • You're either multiplying and managing or reducing and simplifying
  • The state of the market today
  • How to maintain your drive to do better
  • Diversifying your portfolio
  • Have hobbies that make money!

Spencer's Book Recommendation

Essentialism: How to Be Essential

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