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Money Box of Stocks
Episode 38th November 2021 • All About Business • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Show Name: All About Business

Episode Title: Money Box of Stocks

Episode #3

Tweet to be shared on the network’s twitter handle: Check out the latest episode of #allaboutbusiness the podcast on We give a brief overview about stocks, debate about which stocks are better, and let you know what stocks you should invest in.

You are listening to All About Business, the podcast with your host(s) Prithvi and today’s guest. We will be hearing from them in our 2nd and 3rd segment so stay tuned for that.

In this episode of All About Business the Podcast we give a brief overview of stocks, debate which types of stocks are better, and let you know what stock to invest in.

Segment 1: What are stocks?

In this segment I will give a brief overview on what stocks are, how they work, and where you can start investing.

  1. A stock is a type of investment that represents an ownership share in a company. Investors usually buy stocks in hopes that the price will increase so they can sell and receive a profit. Companies benefit from this because they receive the money from investors that purchase stocks and they can invest this money into their company/business.
  2. Buying and selling stock seems easy at first, until you realize the risks involved.
  3. Fluctuating Prices: Many stocks fluctuate a lot. This means that the price of the stock increases and decreases quickly. This means if you invest a lot in a fluctuating stock there is a high chance you could lose a large portion or even most of your investment. This can be a huge problem for companies if they invest primarily in a few fluctuating stocks. If these stocks lose value these companies could go bankrupt. This is why most companies and people diversify. 
  4. Diversifying: In this case it means that people or companies will invest in multiple different stocks instead of a few stocks. This way in case a couple stocks lose value you have other investments that you can rely on. 
  5. There are many ways to invest in stock, here a couple websites (I will include the links in the show notes):
  6. Fidelity Investments:
  7. TD Ameritrade:
  8. Charles Schwab:
  9. Robinhood:
  10. E-Trade:
  11. There are also many different types of stocks, a few of them are: 
  12. Common Stock 
  13. Preferred Stock
  14. Large-cap stocks
  15. Mid-cap stocks
  16. Small-cap stocks
  17. Domestic stocks
  18. International stocks
  19. Blue chip stocks
  20. Volatile stocks
  21. In the next segment we will be debating which type of stock is better, Blue chip or volatile. If you want to learn more about the other types of stocks I will include a link in the show notes ( that you can check out. See you in the next segment.

Segment 2: Blue Chip Stocks vs. Volatile Stocks

Welcome to segment 2. In this segment our two guests Vayun Tandon who was in our last episode, go check it out if you haven’t already, and Kai Sugrue will be debating which type of stock is better. Vayun will take blue chip stocks while Kai will be taking volatile stocks. 

Prithvi: Ok so Kai since this is your first time being on the show I will let you go first.

Kai and Vayun make their points on each of the stocks

You guys both made very good points but I personally think that _____ insert type of stock________ are better. So that is the end of our second segment let's head onto the final segment.

Segment 3: Stocks to Invest In

In this segment Vayun and Kai will both list out a few stocks that they think are a great investment right now and explain why.

Vayun and Kai list and explain stocks

Prithvi asks a question or makes a comment every now and then.

Thank You Vayun and Kai for your helpful advice on what stocks to invest in, and I hope you guys want to come back on the show again to spread more of your knowledge later on. Thank you to our listeners for tuning into this episode. I hope to see you next time, bye.

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