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Ray Patchett on the 8 Traits of High Performing Teams
Episode 478th March 2024 • PCC Local Time • Nancy Joan Hess
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Today, we welcome back Ray Patchett, the former City Manager of Carlsbad, California and now consultant to leadership teams. Ray brings a wealth of knowledge and insights into the organizational principles of city management and teams.

I asked Ray to take a deeper dive into his 8 Traits of High Performing Teams which will soon be out in published form. What stands out to me about Ray is his practical application of theory, direct approach, and insightful understanding of the city manager's role.

Our interview starts by exploring the concepts that influenced his development of these eight traits and concludes with a brief discussion of each trait.

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Raymond R. Patchett served as the City Manager for the City of Carlsbad, California, for 20 plus years where he has done extensive implementation of strategic change in a public sector organization. He joined the City in 1985. Prior to his appointment as City Manager in 1987, he served as Assistant City Manager for the City of Carlsbad, and has worked in local government since 1974 with the Cities of Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Burbank.

He formed Patchett & Associates in 2006 to offer clients a full spectrum of consulting, coaching and training services that foster community excellence, organizational effectiveness and personal growth.

Patchett holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and a Master’s Degree in Organization Development from Pepperdine University. He is a Certified Facilitator in Group Facilitation Methods, Participatory Strategic Planning, and Relationship Awareness Theory

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Bruce Tuckman; Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing

Stanley McChrystal, Team of Teams

Quick summary of the 8 Traits:

1. Set the course and stay on course

2. Shape and energize the culture

3. Get the right people on the team

4. Empower others to manage the results

5. Establish ground rules or a working agreement

6. Do things to foster trust

7. Focus on results and regularly track progress

8. Provide flexible guidelines to produce superior results.


[00:03:35] Synergy in team building.

[00:04:37] Managing Cross-Functional Teams.

[00:10:04] The mission creates the team.

[00:15:04] City manager as facilitator.

[00:19:18] Facilitation skills in teamwork.

[00:26:20] Bureaucracy in organizations.

[00:27:24] Public service and learning culture.

[00:35:06] Managing resistance and change.

[00:41:30] The ethical obligation to be politically neutral.

[00:44:48] Team development questions.

[00:49:55] Handling resistance in group dynamics.

[00:52:25] Building a safe space.



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