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Season 2 Episode 5: My Prescription for an Intimate Marriage
Episode 530th March 2022 • The Intimate Marriage Podcast • Alexandra Stockwell
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If you’re just joining the podcast now, I recommend going back to the beginning of Season 2 to gain some context for what I’m about to cover in this episode.

We have an epidemic of conflict-free, passion-free relationships going on right now. My prescription for an intimate marriage evolved out of my medical training, years of experience coaching other couples, my own anecdotal research, and what I have learned in my own marriage. 

I have codified it all in the 6 Keys to an Intimate Marriage. They are:

  • Cultivate Curiosity.
  • Embrace Honesty.
  • Be Kind.
  • Choose Happiness.
  • Take Responsibility.
  • Seek Growth.

I have seen these 6 keys work in many different kinds of relationships and many different kinds of situations. The results are wonderful!

We’ll go into more depth with each of the keys in upcoming episodes. 

If you’re ready to create the deliciousness and joy of a growth-oriented, passionate relationship, visit to get started.

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