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Warren Agin – Practicing Law at Scale
Episode 3710th August 2021 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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The Accelerating Use of Analytics.

Welcome to another edition of Inside the Engine Room with Dan Katz, Vice President of Data Science and Innovation at Elevate. The Inside, the Engine Room series, focuses on the stories and people who bring Elevate's award-winning products and services to our customers.  For this episode, Dan is joined by Warren Agin, the Managing Director of Products here at Elevate.

[00:46] A one-minute description of Warren’s SME and data scientist role at Elevate.


[02:08] Warren’s journey from 28 years as a practising Bankruptcy trustee to a career in data science.

[04:27] Good advice, two meals, and a published paper pave the way for a career change.

[06:57] Realising the practice of law can be different with numbers, math, analytics, and quantitative analysis.

[10:35] Practicing law at scale.  Start with the desired outcome, the information available at the start of the case, and in half the cases, we can predict whether the case would be successful or not with a high degree of certainty.

[12:32] Working on the Elevate ELM.

[14:23] ‘We're at this cusp where things will start accelerating in terms of practising law at scale using analytics.’ 

[15:36] Senior partners, people who have 30 years of law practice and senior positions, are fueling this movement; we're also seeing the continued growth of programs in the law schools turning out phenomenal lawyers with technical skills.

[18:20] The bottleneck is the real-life deployment of these technologies. It takes time to get the engineering part down and move it into production.