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011 : Bver Vienneau – Asking great questions from the Great North (eh!)
27th July 2015 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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Bver surely asks the most questions, he is continuously probing, checking for options, figuring out a better way. (Or even if there is a better way) He is the consummate student. He talks about sourcing from Canada and shipping 90% of what he buys to the US. The extra steps are really a barrier to entry for many but his determination allowed him to push through it. We talk about getting past “Lifestyle Creep” and what it is like on the other side, we talk of Dave Ramsey and how it helped prepare Bver to go full time.

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“Canada sometimes for me is a trap, it is a harder market to read”


  • Buying at a cost that even when the floor falls out you can still break even
  • Having the ability to walk away from a purchase is a skill worth sharpening
  • Join up with some one else, someone to hold you accountable