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374 : Jay Bayne – You must have the proper mindset to take advantage of where you are
4th February 2019 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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Wise words from Jay for sure. Why does success come so easy for some and seems so hard for others? Perspective and self awareness. See you had a past, that past has lessons you have learned. Mountains you have climbed. Issues you got past. Those things can help you on your path to success. Your path has to be your path. Great discussion where Jay is thankful he chose the path he is on and how you can figure your path. Remember success leaves clues.


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Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better)

Jay:                                        [00:00]                     Yeah, and so it’s like, that was for me when, when I got those sales I realized, hey, I can do something with it. I’m speaking like I’m matt now, but the same thing for me when we hit the eclipse and I sold, you know, hundreds of eclipse shirts. I’m like, wow, this is great. If I can get on top of some other trends and, and, and ride that wave while I’m also selling these other things and you’re actually making money because the first few months when I was paying for designers, I’m losing money. I’m using all my royalties for my other businesses.

Cool voice guy:                  [00:28]                     Welcome to the woocommerce. Both focus on the people, the products and the process of income are selling today. Here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:43]                     Want to jump in and talk about two sponsors today? Sellerlabs scope. Uh, you’ve heard me say it, you know, and you know, you’re probably sitting there saying, Steve, you say this every episode. I do because I believe in the product. Um, yes, a sellerlabs labs is a sponsor. Michelle, don’t get that wrong. However, it’s a sponsor of a product that I use. So I’m kind of lucky they pay me and yet I pay to use the product and the reason I pay to use the product is because it allows me to, um, get better listings, right? That’s what you need to do, right? If you’re selling on Amazon, you need to understand keywords and you need to figure out what are the right keywords and sometimes it’s confusing as heck. Why does a certain keyword work a certain way? Well, the beauty of is in scope as you can pull up your competitor who’s really crushing it and see what keywords they’re using, that’s the lesson.

Stephen:                             [01:30]                     And then you can find a similar one and pull them up and you’re going to see a pattern and then you do that pattern for yourself and you can get those same results if you get lucky and figure out what the key word is for your product. So take some of the luck out of it and use scope again. Go to [inaudible] dot com, forward slash scope. Use the code momentum. Save 50 bucks and try it and see if you can improve an existing listing. I think that’s the best thing you can do is take one of your listings that’s performing and then go in and try to enhance it and see if you see an improvement, give it 30 days or what have you, and if you see an improvement, then there’s a clue that maybe you can see an improvement on all your listings.

Stephen:                             [02:09]                     That’s why I use a scope and I just think it’s such a great product because I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Right? There are much smarter people than I that have done a lot of other cool things to figure out what the keyword is and what people are searching for. Use in a whole bunch of other techniques and then you get to take advantage of it and it’s really inexpensive and again, you’re going to save 50 bucks. So, forward slash scope. Use the Kobo mentum, save 50 bucks. Second one is Karen Locker and I talk about her a lot. Um, right now they’re reconciling a shipment and they’re sending the note. Steve, you have to send it receipts because that’s one of the big hassles. Now I’ve got to send receipts to prove that I bought this stuff so I can get my reimbursement and her team is all over me.

Stephen:                             [02:49]                     Like, see, this is your third request. That’s designed a service. Sometimes I need. I’ve been traveling these last few weeks extensively. I kinda need somebody else. Yes, I could have somebody sitting in my office doing it, but that would be a full time employee and we don’t want any full time employees. Um, this is my wife, my son and I. and so anyway, um, that’s why I have members of my team in different areas and I don’t want to have to manage them, you know, I know Karen uses some Va’s, but I don’t want to have to manage that team. And so she does that and her team does that. Team leaders and stuff and they’ve been doing it for me, for me, my wife or I don’t know, two or three years. And we’ve been very, very pleased because the money, they save the refunds, they get me the reimbursements, they get me the fixes when I’m on the road and hey, this isn’t correct.

Stephen:                             [03:34]                     And they can fix it or I have a question, that depth of knowledge that I get from Karen because of her experience is so worth the price. So it is um, solutions four ecommerce. So the word solutions, the number four e-commerce dot com, forward slash momentum. Okay? So use that code solutions four, forward slash momentum. It’s going to save you $50 and $50 a month is a lot of money. And what’s really cool is she’s going to do that inventory health report that I talk about. If you’ve not done one, you should, you know, I mean you’re getting a clue every week when they tell you your inventory health report. But if you want to dig deeper, and again, if you don’t want to do the work, that’s the beauty. She’s going to send you a spreadsheet and then you can parse it and slice and dice and then send it back saying, hey, kill this stuff, refund this, donate this Blahblahblahblahblah.

Stephen:                             [04:25]                     That’s what I do. And I don’t have to go through and do the work. And you know, it’s just important to have a person on your team you can trust. And again, I’ve been paying for the service for two and a half, three years. I have to ask her how long it’s been and I’m very, very pleased. Would think of no one else to be on her team, but Karen and her team, because of what they’ve done, I look for consistency over time. You’ve heard me say that and I’ve gotten it from Karen. So solutions, the number four e-commerce dot com, forward slash momentum saved the 50 bucks. Get your inventory health report, get 2019 in order and start this new year off, right? It’s gonna. Be a great. Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. This is episode 374. J Bain. Um, this is jace. Third visit to the show.

Stephen:                             [05:09]                     And the reason I wanted to have a back is Jay gave himself permission and there’s a couple of things he says in this episode that really I hope are going to help someone who’s sitting there trying to make a decision because I see a whole bunch of people like, man, can I really do this job and leave my job? It’s like they’re running away from something and if you’re in a place that you got to get away from, of course. But Jay has perspective and didn’t leave his job. That’s the, I’ll give you the. I’ll give away a little bit of the punchline and wait to hear what it allowed him to do and what happened and what it pushed him passed. And there was a change. He had a different perspective and hence the reason he stated his job. And so I think if you have a different point of view, sometimes you might help you make a better decision.

Stephen:                             [05:56]                     And I just want to help you, um, with no costs, no expectation, and to see if that might help somebody make a better decision. Let’s get into the podcast. Alright, welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. I’m very excited about today’s guest. He’s a three Peter. Um, I had to bring it back but we were reminiscing and it was two plus years ago. The last time I had him on and prior to that it was almost four years, three, I’m going to be four years and I’m so fascinated by what he’s done because I get to follow them, but the decisions he’s made and where that’s taken him and I think there’s value in those decisions, making those decisions, looking at the long play, looking at where at least the next five or 10 years you are going to be or want to be. And so sometimes you have to pull back a little bit to, to get it to where you want to be. I think that maybe I’m saying a whole bunch of words, but I just think there’s a lot of value that Jay bean will come back. Jay.

Jay:                                        [06:57]                     Excellent. Thanks for having me again on. Again,

Stephen:                             [07:00]                     I circular disgust that. But you get what I’m saying, right? Is that sometimes you gotta look, Hey, where do I want to be longterm, but where am I going to be the next five years? Because you’ve got young kids, right? Or younger. Exactly. And to say tenant 14 girls. Yeah, 14 year old girls. They’re only going to want you in your life, in their life in a meaningful way for a shorter period of time. Now especially then they’re gonna do their thing, but then they’re going to want you again and so you use the right move is to consider that stuff, right. Not gave, you know, 100 hour work weeks and never be part of their lives. Right?

Jay:                                        [07:34]                     Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. You have to make the right decision on what’s best for you and what’s best for your family. You know, and, and just get away from that. That Fomo, that fear of missing out where you’re looking at what everybody else is doing. Oh Wow. So and so started a million dollar business and whatnot, but that doesn’t fit within my lifestyle. The kind of hours that are required to put in and the type of resources you put behind it. I mean, you know, the people that are making the big money are the ones that have scaled and have hired a few employees, are dozens of employees and doing like what you’re doing and renting out, you know, big warehouses and all that. And I think that’s great if that’s fits within your lifestyle, but that doesn’t fit within my lifestyle and within my fulltime job hours.

Stephen:                             [08:17]                     But doesn’t it mean you failed? I mean, uh, you know, it’s funny, as I was thinking about this conversation for the last couple of weeks and I’ve been thinking about that, you know, Jay, you failed. You’re not the million dollar seller. You’re not full time in the business right now. But I’m serious. This is serious point is sure you were supposed to leave your job, run away from your job. That’s what most people are doing, running away from that because they believe that’s the evil thing in their life. And then get to this and then this was going to be easy because you see the people selling seven figures and they make it look easy because they’re only telling you the good news and I’m not criticizing anybody because there are outliers that just, that do make it look easy and they aren’t doing it easy. But real people like me, like Steve, I’m talking to who is still a part time seller. So don’t say I’m a, I’m not that guy, I have a big warehouse, but I’m only a part time seller. I only have part time revenue because I only want it. But that’s me. But, but my point is, is that you failed because you didn’t make it as a fulltime seller giving up your job and committing your life to this. That’s what would be written. However, we would both say that’s absolutely not true. And people need to understand that total bullshit. All right, go there. Yeah,

Jay:                                        [09:28]                     yeah. You know, people could say that. And uh, you know, there was a time when I, when I ran scanner monkey facebook group and you know, I, I was never comfortable with the title of Guru. I didn’t want people to look to me and say, you know, let’s do exactly what he’s doing the same way in the same fashion and will make good money and I made good money doing Amazon Fba. Don’t get me wrong. A doing it part time around a full time job. And there was even a couple of times when I thought about it, yeah, what if I did like triple or quadruple my income and I could quit this job. But when I started thinking about it, it’s like I’ve got such a great job. I sell wine and spirits. I have great connections in my local market. And now I cover the state of Texas for the winery that I worked for and you know, that’s, that’s valuable to me.

Jay:                                        [10:19]                     And I have a free company car and I have free gas and I have a free phone. I have all these things that are paid for that. You know, you don’t even. People don’t consider that when they look at their salary, but that’s, you know, costs them money every month. And so I’ve got all these things and I get to go on all these really cool trips to Napa valley, the wine country, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, a fit Mexico on incentive trips. Uh, you know, I have fun at what I do and it’s taken me 23 years to get here. Now you know, some people, they, if they’re in a job that’s a grind to them and it’s like they don’t have flexibility and they work 100 hour weeks at their full time job. My life’s not like that now when I started in the wine industry. Heck yeah.