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#22: How Does Your Phone Call Become Law?
Episode 2219th June 2018 • Important, Not Important • Important, Not Important
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In Episode 22, Quinn & Brian ask: how does your phone call become law?  To help answer that question, they’ve got Andres Jimenez on the line. Andres is the Senior Director of Government Affairs for the Citizens Climate Lobby, working with both the House and Senate to expand the voice of citizens, as well as push relevant legislation through.  He’s also a leading member of GreenLatinos. Andres has worked with the Ocean Conservancy and in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office in New York. Want to send us feedback? Tweet us, email us, or leave us a voice message! Links: Andres Jimenez on Twitter Citizens Climate Lobby Green Latinos League of Conservation Voters Schoolhouse Rock: I’m Just A Bill A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger Trump’s Book Club: The Giving Tree Quinn Emmett on Twitter Brian Colbert Kennedy on Twitter Intro/outro by Tim Blane Subscribe to our newsletter at! Like and share us on Facebook! Check us on Instagram! Follow us on Twitter! Pin us on Pinterest! Tumble us or whatever the hell you do on Tumblr! Ok that’s enough good lord