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Aylam Orian: National Animal Rights Day 11
Episode 83rd June 2021 • SoFlo Vegans Podcast • SoFlo Vegans
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Join host Sean Russell with Aylam Orian, founder, and president of Our Planet. Theirs too (IG). In this episode, Aylam talks about their vision and mission of changing human beings' inherent relationship to animals. How they open human beings' eyes to their unconscious biased and oppressive attitudes towards animals, and to the idea that animals have, and should have, the same basic rights that humans have, by the mere fact of being born as living beings on the same planet. This is done through their project NARD- The National Animal Rights Day, now in its 11th year. 

This year, 70 cities around the world will be participating, including Miami; the purpose of NARD is giving a voice to all animals and raising awareness for their rights. It is "Memorial Day" and "Independence Day" for the animals, combined. SFV is proud to participate on Sunday 6/6/21 at Aguacate (IG) from 3-5 PM.

Also featured in this episode is the founder of Aguacate Sanctuary of Love, Daney Cabrerra.