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Decentralized Food with Michael Kinsey “Reverent Wild Ranch”
Episode 471st September 2023 • The Oto Gomes Crypto Show • Oto Gomes
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Decentralized Food with Michael Kinsey “Reverent Wild Ranch”

They are a regenerative, family-run ranch offering pasture-raised, grass-finished beef. By ranching a different way, according to nature’s process, their meat is nutrient dense, grain and soy-free, and truly organic. They care for their cattle in historic McLemore Cove in Chickamauga, GA, where they strive to leave their land and soil better than they found it. Today he is speaking about the centralization of meat production, and toxic effects it can have on your health.

1:13 - Welcome Michael!

2:14 - The hero's journey and red pill moment

7:32 - Let's talk about meat! The structure, the electricity and the life in it.

22:30 - How has been your experience in the last two to three years with social media?

30:36 - What does kosher and organic mean?

39:08 - The types of farming and their differences.

46:22 - Farmers using copper tubing in electroculture.

59:44 - What are cooperatives?




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